We believe in a life full of meaning by creating value through entrepreneurship and giving back through mentorship. A culture that is not about hierarchies but creating things together. A united movement to foster innovation and advance human knowledge in a country full of talented individuals, capability and money but few achievements. We believe that entrepreneurship is a common language that connects every human being around the world.   We are looking for exceptional entrepreneurs who are willing to give everything to make their vision becoming reality. Those people who are ready to fight all the challenges on their way to success. Those who don’t fear failure and know that failure is the key to success. They are agents of change and innovation all over the world. They are the ones who shape the future of societies, not politicians!   Avatech is not a program neither a place nor a company. Avatech is a state of mind. It is where you can empower your ideas and achieve your dream surrounded and supported by like-minded people. It’s not money, nor glory, that drives Avatech, it’s inspiring and supporting entrepreneurs in their journey. You can find more information about our process in the FAQ page. Are you one of them? Join us at AvaTech  


We work passionately everyday to make sure our entrepreneurs will get the most value out of our program. We are always looking for talented & passionate people who want to be part of our team & work with us.  


Sara Usinger

Sara has been managing a co-working space and incubator in Cologne/Germany. In July 2014, Sara joined the Avatech team to help accelerate startups in Iran.

mohsenMohsen Malayeri

Mohsen is the co-founder of Avatech. He is a startup enthusiast. You can usually see him talking with teams at Avatech while having a cup of coffee.

Said Rahmani

Said is the co-founder of Avatech. He is a serial entrepreneur and has working experience in different markets including US, Europe and China. His deep knowledge and expanded network is helping Avatech and its startups.

Banafsheh Moini

She loves spending time with Avatech teams in order to support them with team building, leadership and communication. She is also responsible for gathering and extracting the knowledge and turn it into content.