Angel Investors Flying over Tehran


Many early stage startups fail because of not having the access to proper investments. In the mature entrepreneurship ecosystems, the startups have the opportunity to get funded by angel investors and focused on their own startup like Google, Starbox, Facebook, Groupan and many other successful startups.

Angel investors are part of the startup ecosystem of any country which duo to their successful entrepreneurship background and wealth can invest in startups in early stages. although investments in this stage is risky but the angel investor because of having a proper business knowledge and network, will work closely with the co-founders to reduce the failure. So it is not only money but time, network, passion and knowledge of angel investor.

Accessing to these angel investors and their benefits are hard and limited for startups in Iran. Some of the main reasons are because of high inflation and existing of other safe investment alternatives like bank deposits, real estate and gold. Although other things like lacking of successful stories and the absent of exit strategy affected this topic.

On 29th January 2015, for the first time, Angel Labs event took a place in Tehran. an organization formed late in 2013 to introduce angel investing to accredited investors around the world. On this event which took place in SaravaPars VC, more than 30 wealthy individuals from Sharif University, Shenasa VC and other companies and venture capitals participated.

The goal of the event was to engage and shape the community of angel investors and build the the next generations of angel investor networks in Iran and sharing some of the successful case studies of other countries. The event supported by center of innovation acceleration, Avatech Accelerator, SaravaPars VC and Pardis technology park. At first, Saeed Rahmani the founder of SaravaPars company talked about the recent development and progress of startup ecosystem of Iran and Mohsen Malayeri, the managing director of Avatech, shared some of his past experience about angel investments in Avatech. After that the official representative of Angel Lab had a practical workshop about the process of Angel investment and the benefits of shaping the networks of angel investors. The legal team of SaravaPars described the localized process of investments in startups in Iran and at the end 2 of Avatech startup teams pitched in front of participants and get practiced the evaluation of startups in a shark tank mode.


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