Application is Open for Cycle #2 – Spring 2015


We are very excited to announce that application for the Cycle #2 – Spring 2015 of Avatech is open.

What is Avatech?

We are a startup accelerator program that provides entrepreneurs with the necessary ingredients to succeed. We provide passionate entrepreneurs with seed funding, mentorship, entrepreneurial trainings and a creative workspace for 6 month and prepare them to get in front of hundred accredited investors to expose their products and receive funding to grow their business. We thought it would be useful to share some quotes from our teams in Cycle #1:


Farhad Hedayati Fard, Cofounder of Taskulu: “I can’t imagine any early stage startup that wouldn’t benefit tremendously from joining Avatech, The mentors are incredibly supportive and do everything in their power to help the startups and the network is superb. To this date, applying to Avatech has been the most impactful decision we’ve made at Taskulu.”


Pejman Takdehghan, Cofounder of Cafetunes: “Avatech changed our view over how we thought about our startup, we started our idea as a fun, but Avatech changed our mindset over managing and leading a startup.”


Here are, what we are looking for in a selected team:

Great founding teams: Great founding teams are the key to any great startups. and great startups will not be built over a night, so if you and your team are willing to put the next few years of your life to build something that you always passionate about, you are more than welcome to apply.

Passion and Energy: Passion comes in different shapes and forms. It is not about bubbly personality or raw enthusiasm. Instead, it is about deep care and endless stamina.

Risk Takers: The path and lifestyle of entrepreneurs is always risky and uncertain. To be a good entrepreneur is to see uncertainty as opportunity and embrace evolution as it means to being open to risks.


What kind of startups are we looking for?

We accept teams ranging from idea developing phase to companies with already existing customers. All we need to know is to make sure that the program is right for your startup and you are just the right team to attend Avatech. The teams may have up to 4 founders, we prefer 2-4 founders as a single founder has a lot to struggle with.


What is our industry focus?

We only accelerate technology startups. They could be startups in Web & Mobile, Internet, eCommerce, Online Game, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Software as a Service.


At the end if this post is resonating with you, with how you think about your business, we would love to hear from you in cycle #2, before you apply, make sure you will read our FAQ page and Accelerator page. The deadline to apply is until January 30th, 11:59  but we encourage you to submit your application early, so we have more time to get to know you and your team.


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