Avacamp is a two months free program that provides workspace, mentorship and training to startups.

The program is developed for boosting startups by helping them validate their business model, gain customer insight, understand their market and go to market strategy, optimize their product and build up their team. Startups will also learn about investors pitch and fundraising basics. We will connect teams to experienced mentors and help them build their business network further.



You want to build a long lasting company and you want to know the tricks? We will connect you with the most successful global and local entrepreneurs who can give you strategic guidance, providing you with tips on logistics, technology, customer acquisition, recruitment and team-building as well as presenting to investors. We do this so you can learn from their mistakes to avoid pitfalls and to accelerate your growth. At Avatech mentors openly share their knowledge and experience with founders.  


Dreamt of an office where creativity flows and you can work with talented entrepreneurs? Our state-of-the-art workspace is designed in accordance to best practices creating a collaborative and productive environment. The space is accessible during all hours of the day so you can flexibly use the space to work on your product.


Wishing you had attended a school where you only learned exactly what you needed to build a company? Avatech brings global practices to it’s trainings. Workshops are delivered by corporate leaders and experts in our partner network providing you with the necessary tools, resources and practices to build a game changing business from the foundation of your startup. In Avatech you will receive in depth training on topics such as Lean Startup, Business Model, User Experience, Agile Development, Startup Marketing, Startup Metrics, Team and Culture, Startup Finance, Startup Legal, Fundraising, etc..  


A true entrepreneur values an effective network. We provide our teams with access to a network of local and international mentors, investors, industry experts, corporate leaders and media experts. The existence of our extensive network is our programs key success factor. Inside this network our accelerated entrepreneurs will find the brand name behind their startup.  


Our startups will receive free perks and resources such as free hosting, free cloud services, free online advertising, … all provided by our local and global partners. For example, Our startups will  of and 500,000 toman of Anetwork advertisement packages.


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