Avatech 3rd Demo Day


On Tuesday May the 31st, the Demo Day for teams from the 3rd cycle of Avatech acceleration program was held in the presence of more than 200 guests and investors at Avatech headquarters.


To get a brief review of what went on at the event, please watch the video below.


After the recitation of verses from Quran and the national anthem, the event began by Mohsen Malayeri welcoming the guests and giving a report of Avatech’s activities over the past three cycles. Said Rahmani, Avatech’s chairman of the board, was the second speaker of the event, talking about the importance of paying close attention to domestic entrepreneurial talents and preventing this sort of asset from having to look for opportunities elsewhere.


Next, a discussion panel regarding the investment vibe around Iran’s newly formed businesses was held. The panelists were Hossein Saberi (Vice president in charge of development at Pardis technology park), Reza Zarnoukhi (CEO at Iran’s technological development fund), Mehdi Shabani (CEO at Mabna Tejarat company), and Majid Ghasemi (CEO and founder at Fibido). Through the course of the panel, which was moderated by Mohsen Malayeri, Majid Ghasemi shared his experiences as an entrepreneur who has gone through creating a successful business in Iran and has been involved with attracting funds from individual investors and investment companies. And other panelists discussed the topic of investing in a newly formed business.


Then, 10 new companies from the 3rd cycle of Avatech acceleration program presented their achievements to investors, leading companies in different industries, and the mentors involved with the program.

First team to take the stage was Easypaz, which specializes in sending recipes and cooking ingredients to the customers’ doorsteps. The team has provided its customers with 450 meal kits over the past three months. Fullfekr was next on the list. The online psychology platform presented its business while already having 70 thousand users and 80 active psychologists. The third presentation of the day was done by Limanza. Limanza is a platform for Iranian fashion designers to introduce their products to the market. The platform currently includes 15 designers and 300 products. PinTime, a team working on a location based advertising platform conducted the next presentation. The team has achieved 3000 active installations two weeks after the launch of its mobile platform. The 5th team to take the stage was Germinal. Their first product is Findima. The team has succeeded in selling 417 Findima devices in 50 days via a campaign. Datashahr, a platform to search through urban locations, announced having listed 100 thousand different businesses. The next presentation was Azmoun Sabz, a test taking platform with the ability to be integrated with other e-learning systems. Lunato mentioned the average growth of 70 percent and 140 orders over the past three months. Then, Botick, the smart apparel search engine, did their presentation. The team, enjoying 60 percent monthly growth, now has 450thousand viewers and over 18K products from 500 shops. The final presentation of the day was done by NazarBazar, This online market research platform has gathered 150 thousand responses from 15K users via 60 questionnaires from 15 businesses.

The final part of the event was dedicated to team exhibition and networking.


If you’re interested to view the presentation of teams from this cycle, click on their logos.

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