Avatech Cycle 3 Outlook


After 3 weeks from Avatech second Demo Day, on Saturday 5th of December cycle 3 of Avatech acceleration program will kick off. SaaS, IoT, E-commerce, M-commerce, Food, Mobile app, Fashion, Education, Market Place, Health and etc. are the fields that new teams are working on. Several workshops, mentorship sessions, speeches, discussion sessions and other activities are planned for these teams. During 8 weeks of pre-accelerator they have to prove that they are the right team. After this period, Avatech will hold its third Selection Day during which top 10 teams will be selected to continue with 4 months of acceleration.

During the pre-acceleration program teams will work on their startups with more focus on Lean Canvas and Lean Startup concept, understanding and sizing the market, customer discovery and customer interviews and also competition analysis. Based on these concepts they should be able to define and build their MVPs before Selection Day. In this regard they will also attend UX and UI design workshops and sessions. Teams will also learn how to work with mentors, manage a team and how to pitch to investors. They will have team building activities as well. During this period all teams will have individual sessions based on their requirements.

This batch will kick off while cycle 2 teams have already left Avatech to their own offices.


Here also we share a couple of experiences of Avatech cycle 2 teams:


  • It’s been very pleasant for our team. Compared to the past, we have a different view of startup activities and how to properly execute them. It’s a very dynamic and friendly environment and friends who will definitely be of help in the future. The biggest benefit of Avatech is the network of mentors and investors it’s in contact with and this is the main feature of an accelerator. When you join Avatech you learn how to focus on your work, how to measure your progress and your goals, and how to develop based on that.


  • When we decided to work on our startup, we thought we had a perfect team and we won’t have much problem to develop the business. But when we started to work, we faced lots of problems we hadn’t thought of. Avatech mentors were very helpful because they had all these experiences and also they could tell us about what future will bring. Avatech also helped us to define different aspects of our business and think about our challenges before facing them.