A New Era for Iranian Entrepreneurs and Startups


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Iran’s startup ecosystem is growing rapidly. With the growth of events such as Startup WeekendsStartup GrindLean Startup Machine and meetups such as Hamfekr and Iran Startups many people around the country are becoming motivated and educated to build their team and launch their startups. The movement has raised a huge attention from ecosystem players such as investors, media, universities and government.

Now everyone’s interest is being aligned to support the creation of sustainable startups and entrepreneurs in Iran. Startup accelerators around the world have played an important role in the ecosystem and we are proud to announce the birth of Avatech, the Iranian startup accelerator.

Avatech-green-logoWe have worked  hard in the past months to create Avatech accelerator. We provide the selected teams with mentorship, training, seed funding and a creative workspace in the middle of Tehran. The goal of our 6 months Accelerator program is to give teams the necessary support to succeed and the ability to raise more capital. Find more information about the program here.

Our first cycle with 20 selected teams will start in Mehr. Applications are still open till 15th of September. Please help us get the word out there and if you know any startup teams, who should not miss the opportunity to apply, just let us know via e-mail (info@avatech.ir).