This week in Avatech #15

What is happening in Avatech?

Our teams from first cycle are preparing to move out of Avatech and the second cycle teams are going to enter to Accelerator in less than 2 weeks.


What is up with our teams from first cycle?

2nate: More than 110 ideas and projects signed up in their recent campaign.

Navaar: Participate in their latest creative competition on Instagram and win their prize.

Honari: they recently published 3 educational applications.

Lendem: They won Tedx Kish Prize

Taskulu: They won Pirate summit prize in Tehran

Akhbar Rasmi: You can find a lot of useful content about public relations & Branding on their blog.

Webyad: Find out about their most selling course.

KSNA: Find out about their most selling course.

CafeTunes: Until now, 25 cafes experienced their application.

Reyhoon: Find out about their recent job opportunities here.


Upcoming events:


Iran accelerators seminar

First Internet Startups consulting session with Mohsen Malayeri


  • Lendem: They won Tedx Kish Prize