Applications for Avacamp #4 are now open


We are excited to announce that applications for the fourth edition of Avacamp are open now. Teams who want to apply can now register their startup via the Nopahub platform. Applications are open until 14th of Tir. In order to apply please create a profile on Nopahub first and subscribe to Avatech. You will then...Read More


Applications for Avacamp #3 are now open!


We are happy to announce that applications for Avacamp #3 are now open. If you want to apply please register and fill out the application here. Applications will be open till April 3rd. Please make sure to submit your application in time as the deadline will not be extended. To apply please first register your...Read More


Welcoming Avacamp #2 at Avatech


We are happy to welcome 16 new teams to the second cycle of Avacamp. Two weeks in they just finished their onboarding, participated in several workshops and got to know each other. One of the first workshops all teams attended was an introduction to the topic of “Lean Startup”. The workshop was hosted by Nasser Ghanemzadeh...Read More


Introduction to Avatech Cycle 4 Accelerator Teams


Around 3 weeks ago Avatech’s 4th selection day was held and the selected teams for cycle 4 acceleration program started the program accordingly. Below a short review of what each selected team is doing is available: .Read More


Vitatech starts in Fars


Start-ups are not necessarily made to succeed from the start.  We build startups to learn more. What startups require indeed is more talent, mentorship and training.Read More


Avatech Cycle 3 Outlook


After 3 weeks from Avatech second Demo Day, on Saturday 5th of December cycle 3 of Avatech acceleration program will kick off. SaaS, IoT, E-commerce, M-commerce, Food, Mobile app, Fashion, Education, Market Place, Health and etc. are the fields that new teams are working on. Several workshops, mentorship sessions, speeches, discussion sessions and other activities...Read More


Avatech Cycle 2 Demo Day


Finally after 6 months of effort and hard work, cycle 2 teams of Avatech had their Demo Day last Thursday.Read More


Application is open for Cycle #3 – Autumn 2015


We are pleased to announce that application for Cycle #3 of Avatech Accelerator is now open. Before applying please read our FAQ to learn more about this process. The application will be open until September 20th. But don’t wait until the last days to apply. This way we have more time to review your applications...Read More


Applications for Cycle #3 one more week


We are happy to announce that Application will be open next Monday, 20 of July 2015 to all startup teams who are interested in joining cycle #3 (autumn 2015) of Avatech Acceleration Program. If you are one those eager teams, please check next Monday and start the Application process. The application will be open...Read More


Announcement of Avatech Cycle #2 Teams in Acceleration


On Thursday, July 2 2015, 16 teams that were primarily selected for the pre-accelerator program at Avatech startup accelerator were evaluated and ranked by mentors & investors on the selection day in order to join the acceleration program. On the selection day each team got 3 minutes to pitch and had 5 minutes Q&A with the mentors...Read More