Applications for Avacamp #4 are now open


We are excited to announce that applications for the fourth edition of Avacamp are open now. Teams who want to apply can now register their startup via the Nopahub platform. Applications are open until 14th of Tir. In order to apply please create a profile on Nopahub first and subscribe to Avatech. You will then...Read More


Looking Forward to Avacamp 3 Kick-off


Avacamp 3 kicks off on Saturday, May 13th. Avatech looks forward to welcoming 11 new teams to avacamp 3. The teams work in a variety of fields, such as education, sports, e-commerce and SaaS. During the process of selection, all teams whose application was not successful at this stage, were given feedback and suggestions about...Read More


Kicking Off Avatech Accelerator #5


Today Avatech opened it doors to the seven teams selected to participate in the fifth Avatech Accelerator program. Besides providing initial funding, the aim of the program is to provide the teams with trainings, mentorship and relevant advise to enable them to grow their business faster and attract investors after the Demoday which marks the end...Read More


Applications for Avacamp #3 are now open!


We are happy to announce that applications for Avacamp #3 are now open. If you want to apply please register and fill out the application here. Applications will be open till April 3rd. Please make sure to submit your application in time as the deadline will not be extended. To apply please first register your...Read More


Why we need more coworking spaces in Tehran!


As Iran’s startup ecosystem grows more and more, startups and startup accelerators are joining the ecosystem in Tehran. According to recent statistics, there are currently about 40 startup accelerators in Iran. It is certainly a big step to see the growth of accelerators in Tehran and across Iran. However, are there are other ways to...Read More


Welcoming Avacamp #2 at Avatech


We are happy to welcome 16 new teams to the second cycle of Avacamp. Two weeks in they just finished their onboarding, participated in several workshops and got to know each other. One of the first workshops all teams attended was an introduction to the topic of “Lean Startup”. The workshop was hosted by Nasser Ghanemzadeh...Read More


Our New Approach to Avatech Programs


It has been almost two years since the first cycle started at Avatech and just recently we kicked off our 4th program with new ambitious startups. During this period we have seen a lot of improvements in Iran’s startup scene. Each cycle the number of applying startups has doubled and the quality of our intakes...Read More


Avatech 3rd Demo Day


On Tuesday May the 31st, the Demo Day for teams from the 3rd cycle of Avatech acceleration program was held in the presence of more than 200 guests and investors at Avatech headquarters.   To get a brief review of what went on at the event, please watch the video below.   After the recitation...Read More


Avatech Cycle 2 Demo Day


Finally after 6 months of effort and hard work, cycle 2 teams of Avatech had their Demo Day last Thursday.Read More