Interview with Avatech Cycle 2 Teams, Part 1: SportUp


From this week on, we are publishing a series of interviews with Avatech Cycle 2 teams. This week we have this interview with Amirhossein Mandegar, CEO of SportUp.Read More


Startup Stories, Miztahrir: “Online academic educations for everyone.”


We are near to our Demo Day and this will be our last startup stories in first cycle of Avatech, if you missed the other stories and interested to read the story of our startups, you can find them all here. Our last story is about the startup which decided to make the education system...Read More


Startup Stories, “Empowering artists to follow their passion”


Inspired to follow his passion in Iranian handicraft market, Amir Fatahzadeh, the founder of just quit his job in the web design company which he created years ago to build a startup which he was dreaming. He believes that if you have these three things you are in the right path in your startup...Read More


Startup Stories, AkhbarRasmi: “Your Online Public Relations Office”


What will bring a Public Relation expert, a successful businessman and a professional software developer together? We sat beside Majid Kasiri, Co-founder of Akhbar Rasmi, an outstanding reporter and public relation expert, but this time instead of him, interviewing different people, we interviewed him. Please join us for another Avatech startup story, this time with...Read More


From the Avatech Accelerator in Tehran to the Hacker News front page


Below is a guest post by Farhad Hedayati, co-founder and CEO of Taskulu, a management platform that lets you keep all the stakeholders and resources (tasks, files, chats, time logs) inside a single project, while letting you to control what everyone can see and do by defining Roles and Permissions – making project managers lives,...Read More