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Inside Avatech Community


Inside Avatech It has been 2 weeks that the second cycle of Avatech started and like our first cycle, the teams are in a race against time. They only have 6 more weeks until selection day to prove themselves that their product is really worth to enter the accelerator. On the other hand, most of the investment...Read More


This week in Avatech #15


What is happening in Avatech? Our teams from first cycle are preparing to move out of Avatech and the second cycle teams are going to enter to Accelerator in less than 2 weeks.   What is up with our teams from first cycle?Read More


Showcasing our 10 startups at Iran’s first Demo Day


Last Thursday, April 9th 2015, after 6 months of hard work our first cycle culminated in the first Demo Day in Iran where our 10 selected teams presented their business, progress and investment need to investors, the entrepreneurial community, industry leaders and VCs. They just finished an immerse program that gave them access to more than 200 mentorship...Read More


This Week in Avatech #14: Week 14 of Acceleration


The Iranian year is finally arriving to its end and this will be our last “This week in Avatech” until the next one in new year! It has been our first year and things couldn’t have been better for us, we are near to our Demo Day (Only 25 days are left) and our teams are growing...Read More


This Week in Avatech #13: 9 days to Pre-Demo Day


Once again the teams of Avatech are facing busy times. About 4 weeks to Demo-Day and less than 10 Days to Pre-Demo Day. While the teams are working hard from day until late into the night, we are preparing ourselves for 3 days of interviewing the top 40 teams of second cycle, the 20 teams will be selected after that...Read More