Daily Life at Avatech – Week 1-4


It has been four weeks since we started our first cycle with 20 great and ambitious startup teams. Until we were ready to open the doors for the first time it has been a long journey that some wonderful people captured in a great video.


For the teams, the last four weeks were filled with workshops, mentorship sessions, pitching their startup to the other teams and guests while working hard on their product almost day and night. They described it as a time where they were constantly challenging their assumptions, a time of long team discussions and new insights into their market. So what happened during the last weeks?

 WorkHard-Avatech Workshops-Avatech



So far we had four workshops mainly focussing on different aspects of finding the right Problem/Solution Fit. All workshops were focussed on giving the teams the tools to improve their business and making sure they focus on the right problem. Topics were “Lean Canvas”, “Customer Development”, “Market Size” and  “Minimum Viable Product”.


We are happy to announce that we will start hosting open and free workshop sessions from this November  / Aban. The topic of the first Workshop is “Lean Startup” with a focus on the Lean Canvas. If you have an idea for a startup and want to make the first steps towards testing it, please apply for our workshop here. Please send us an email to info@avatech.ir should you have any troubles to apply.

Pitch Session

The Pitch sessions are mainly focussed on practicing the pitch and getting feedback from all the other teams and guests. The goal is to refine the pitch step by step till the teams are ready for our Selection Day when only ten of them are selected to enter the Accelerator. We were happy to not only welcome all the teams but also experienced Entrepreneurs as guests for the weekly sessions.


 Pitch-Avatech Hamfekr-Avatech


During the last few weeks it became obvious that our Mentors and their ongoing support are a key success factor for the teams. Their feedback and insights helped many teams to refine their business models and focus on the right metrics in order to become successful. Having such a great variety of mentors with different backgrounds made it easy for us to connect teams and mentors for extended sessions on User Experience, Customer Acquisition and many different other topics. Until now we conducted more than 60 Mentorship Sessions.


Besides all those Events we had guests from Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine and other countries visiting and supporting the teams, we were happy to welcome Startup Weekend Organizers from all over Iran and hosted hamfekr. We also had our first biweekly breakfast with our teams. It was a great place to hang around and talk about different issues they face and tie up their friendship. On last wednesday, our teams at avatech enjoyed the first Movie-Night organized by one of the team members. They watched “Startup Kids” while enjoying their mini-Pop Corns.

PopCorn-Avatech Avatech-Open

The next few weeks till our first Selection Day will get even busier. We are looking forward to exciting times and will keep you updated on a regular basis.