Frequently Asked Questions

Find an answer for most of your questions here. Please read the answers carefully.  If you have more questions, feel free to contact us via

Application Process

How do I apply for Avatech?

In order to join the application process for one of our programs you have to submit your application. Please find more information on the application process for Avacamp and the Accelerator here.

How do you select the teams in each cycle?

This depends on the kind of program you apply for. After submitting your application, the application is reviewed by our team and teams who pass this stage are invited to one or more interviews with our team here at Avatech. For the specific selection criteria please check here for Avacamp and here for our Accelerator program

Who is selecting the teams that are joining the programs?

The main decision is made by our team and the people that will ultimately work with the selected teams. During the process we are supported by selected mentors, advisors and investors helping us to make the best possible decisions.

Why was my application rejected?

We receive a lot of applications so there is a good chance that we have to reject applications of good teams who fulfil all the criteria. To improve your chances please make sure that you read all information provided on the programs carefully and choose a program that fits your current stage. Please fill out the application form carefully and provide us with all necessary information. And just because you were rejected one time, it doesn't mean that you will not be accepted the next time.

How long does the application process take?

Normally the applications for our programs are open for six to eight weeks. The selection process (review of applications, interviews and assessment center) take another eight weeks.

I am not from Tehran. Can I still apply?

Yes, we are looking forward to receive your application. But if you are selected we require you to move to Tehran for the duration of the program.

I am not based in Tehran. Can I join the program remotely?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. One of the main values of Avatech is the daily interaction with other founders, mentors and our team and this is not possible remotely



Is my team ready to join Avatech?

Please check our program overview to see our recommendations when to join one of our programs (Avacamp, Accelerator). In general Avacamp is open for very early stage teams ranging from idea to early prototype. The Accelerator program is open for teams that can show traction, growth and a complete team that is willing to take the startup to the next level.

What kind of startups do you accelerate?

Our background is web based so we are mainly looking for startups working in the digital space with a big enough potential market and the ambition to grow fast. Please also check our startup overview to see which kind of startups we worked with before.

Do we need to have a working product to join Avatech?

This depends on the program you want to join. For the Accelerator program it is required to have a working product and early traction. To join Avacamp it is not necessary to have a working product but we recommend to make sure you have an early prototype once you are joining so you can make the most of your time in the program.

What should be the size of the team?

We recommend a team of 2-4 Cofounders. Especially when joining Avacamp the team should not be much bigger. We do not recommend single founders as it is almost impossible to manage a startup as a single founder.

My team is in an advanced stage, is Avatech the right program for me?

Please have a look at our Accelerator program. As long as you have not raised significant amounts of money from outside investors and steady/increasing growth rates we recommend to apply for our Accelerator program. We help you to build a sclabale product, connect you to mentors, potential investors and help you to build a growth strategy that allows you to grow faster.


How much funding do you offer?

If you join the Avacamp program, we do not invest money. If you join the Accelerator program we will invest 25 Million Toman in exchange for 8-15% of your company.

What's the deal you offer?

We are providing each team that joins the Accelerator program with 25 Million Toman in cash plus non monetary services like legal support, workshops, trainings and mentoring for the time of the program. After the program we will help you with the investment process and make sure to connect you to interested investors. In exchange we will take 8-15% shares of your company.

How do you decide which deal you offer each team?

This mainly depends on your current stage. In which stage is your product, how many customers do you already have, what is your week by week growth, what is the quality of your team and what are the risks connected to your startup. Based on this we calculate an offer.

Do we receive any funding during Avacamp?

No, Avacamp is a program free of charge and we do not take any shares from your company. We also do not invest cash in your company. But we are providing you with trainings, mentors, legal support and a coworking space for the time of the program to help you to build and test your product.


In how many teams do you invest each year?

Each year we invest in up to 20 teams.

How many programs do you run each year?

We run a total of four Avacamp programs and two Accelerator programs each year.

Where is Avatech located?

We are located on the campus of university of Tehran.


How can I contact you?

Please check our contact page for further information. You can also send us an email to with specific questions.

Who are your mentors?

Please check our mentor page to see who is part of our mentor network.

Do we get free access to products (Advertising, Servers etc.) when we join Avatech

We partnered up with several companies to give you free or discounted access to a variety of products and services. Please check our Partner page for more information.