How to apply for Avacamp


As we announced we started Avacamp applications for Autumn 95. The first step is filling out the online registration form on our Website. Before submitting your registration online, It is important to review the following steps in order to be able to provide Avatech team with the required information for an effective review of your application.

You can save your application form as a draft and then complete or edit later. To re-enter to the application page, use get started page. Enter your username and password in order to view your application. Try to submit your application at earliest possible in order to give us sufficient time to review your application in details. After the final registration you will not be able to edit the submitted information in your application. This application contains 3 steps. After you enter your startup name you must enter the following information. In order to facilitate information entry we have provided an example for every entry.


Basic information


Basic info en

First section is related to basic information such as, Startup name , number of the team members and the name of Co-founders, location ( address), Tel number. By Co-founders we mean the ones who have shares in the team and not the normal employees. If Co-founders are more than one person, with using + show the number of Co-founders.

1) Name, Surname, Tel number, Email address, Skype Id ( if outside Tehran), City ( Skype Id is not necessary)


Business, Market and Product:

Business info


In the second section you should answer questions concerning your business, market and your product.


2)  You should be able to explain your key business value in one or two sentences.Try to explain what  your product is and explain why the customer should choose your product/service over other products/services.


3) Explain what was the problem with your customers and what made you launch your startup. Furthermore explain who  your customers are.


4) The question is related to your market size. You should approximately be able to say how much (Rial) is your market size .


5)Then explain how you would want to enter your product into the market or if your product has been already entered to the market, explain how was the process.


6) This question is about you competitors. Competitors are the ones who meet your customers needs. Explain how your customers meet their needs currently.


7) You should explain how you are going to make money.


8) Explain what your product is?  ( phone app, website, etc). Have you launched your product yet? IF yes, explain how many customers do you have currently?


9) If your product is online provide us your website and if you haven’t launched your product yet please provide us your Demo (URL) to your product.


Team Information:

Team info

The third section is related to the teams and Co-founders


10) You have to explain how you know each other and how long have you been working on this startup?


11) Explain in details who is doing what in your team ( Co-founders and team members )


12) Explain why you are the best team to build this startup? ( as a team and as individual)


13) This question is related to age, work experience, university, level of education of each team member. (briefly explain )


14) We need to know if you are currently working or studying. If yes, are you ready to focus completely on your startup if you get accepted?


15) You should let us know if you are ready to move to Tehran if you are located in other cities.


16) Explain what are your achievements with this startup (e.g. high growth rate or a great number of customers). Tell us about your vision for the next six months and where you see yourself with your startup.


17) Explain what made you apply to Avacamp and what do you expect from it. In other words how Avacamp can help you with your startup.


18) In this question you must prepare a short video (Max 1 min) to describe your team and explain what you startup is about, then upload your video on Youtube, Aparat or Vimeo and send your video link to us. We don’t need any professional video. You can even record it with your mobile phones with all the team members.


19) Let us know how you heard about Avatech.


Should you have any question, contact us through


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