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Inside Avatech

It has been 2 weeks that the second cycle of Avatech started and like our first cycle, the teams are in a race against time. They only have 6 more weeks until selection day to prove themselves that their product is really worth to enter the accelerator. On the other hand, most of the investment deals of first cycle have been finished, some of them moved to their new offices and the other ones are moving to Pardis Tech Park, near Tehran.


Team, Team, Team, Market, Idea

Like what Brad Feld wrote in his book “startup communities’” about the important role of a team, we are seeing less and less individuals struggling to build a startup alone. People are finding startup events and meetups as an opportunity to find their co-founders and they are trying to reach out to our teams, asking about what they would do different and how they made it to the demo day.

Since Avatech is based in Tehran University, the people & staffs of University are getting used to see lots of international mentors & guests entering to university. We are also happy to see that we are part of a growing startup ecosystem.


Feeders & Leaders

The feeders of the community like government & universities are performing different; they are slowly figuring out that the only solution to have an engaged & effective startup ecosystem is to let the entrepreneurs lead the community and help them by make the processes easier.

In universities where having startup events wasn’t really popular and where there were constant debates about having or not having these kinds of events the situation is changing so right now almost all Startup Weekends are taking place in universities all around the city and country. Even the mindset of professors about giving the students the regular university researches has changed. For example just last night we discovered a grass root in one of Tehran university classes: The class was internet engineering and the students task was to shape a team and develop a product based on internet of things and pitch it to us. In only 2.5 months they did not only develop a prototype but some of them went to the market, tried to figure out the real pain of their customers, did the customer discovery and tried to build something that really matters. Some of them even have a go to market strategy to enter the market. They were passionately pitching their ideas and we were thinking that there is a lot to come from this side in the future.


At the end, it is like every six months we are seeing a huge growth in Iran startup ecosystem and we hope these constant growth will decrease the rate of brain drain and the talented youth that are leaving the country every year.

Some of the ideas of IOT (internet of things) class

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