Interview with Avatech Cycle 2 Teams, Part 3: Nikprint


This week we’ve sat down with Nikoo Niknam, the CEO of Nikprint and we talked about this startup.

Avatech: What is Nikprint?

Nikoo: Nikprint is an easy to use web service that takes care of all your design & print works from the early steps of designing to printing & delivering the final products to your door steps.


Avatech: Where does this idea come from?

Nikoo: It all started with two common problems. Problems we already knew about and experi­enced over & over with almost all companies or individual people that we worked with: Print & Design.

Generally in design part our customers don’t have easy access to the best designers & therefore to high quality designs. Besides designing, they have problems with printing. They don’t know anything about print material options and different ways of printing process.


Avatech: What is the value Nikprint creates?

Nikoo: Nikprint is an online web service with a wide range of high quality graphic designs with the best available printing options and affordable prices.

A service that is easy to use and accessible to everyone all around the country. Nikprint also has a delivery system that delivers the final print products to the customer’s doorsteps.


Avatech: Tell us about your team (co-founders) & what brought you together?

Nikoo: We are a team of 6 hardworking and energetic people.

Nikoo who came with the idea has 5 years experience of working as a Creative Director, web Graphic Designer & Print Observer for several companies and events including IEA, Iran Web Festival & … Ramin is our creative designer. He has BA in Graphic Design & MA Painting. Five years experience of working with companies as a Graphic Designer and besides all he is a university teacher of Art. Majid is our technical leader and is responsible for Website & UX. He was in seven World Championship of robotics and the leader of robotic team of Azad University of Qazvin. Also he has several years of experience of working as a professional programmer with big companies. Amin is our front-end developer and has more than two years experience working in this field. Ali is our content strategist and is responsible for public relations. He has BA in English Translation & MA in linguistics from Tehran University. He also has about 7 years experience in content providing and translation for several companies. And last but not least, Nazanin is our social media girl. She is an English teacher and one of our active members.


Avatech: How do you see your future and how do you plan for it?

Nikoo: In future we will be an online store or a platform where creative designers can send us their designs, so that we can put them in our store align with our own designs and this way users can purchase their preferred product. Therefore, we will be a platform which enables customers have access to designers and a big amount of designs and at the same time designers can make money through this.

On the other hand, we will be the most accessible and fastest printing and online designing center the way that all large and small companies can use our service. Next step is entering the regional and later global market of design and printing.


Avatech: What challenges are on your way to grow?

Nikoo: At the moment we’ve left behind the biggest part of a challenge that a startup might face. But there are still more challenges on our way such as increasing the conversion rate, acquiring our targeted customers and expanding our business in Tehran for the first phase and other Iranian cities for next phases. We are preparing ourselves to face these challenges.


Avatech: How did you get to know Avatech?

Nikoo: We’ve been always looking for an opportunity to take advantage of knowledge and mentorship provided by outstanding leaders and mentors and add it to our experience and expertise. On the other hand, we were familiar to Iranian startup community and it was through social media when we found out about Avatech Accelerator. We also talked to our friends in cycle 1 of acceleration and received a very positive feedback about Avatech. So we applied for cycle 2 along with other teams and could convince the jury and Avatech leaders that Nikprint is the right idea and there is a lack for it and now we are here.


Avatech: How has been your experience with Avatech?

Nikoo: There are 2 valuable points about our experience at Avatech. Here you get the exact amount of education, not less and not more. Because time and energy for startups is really important. The other point is that we get this education exactly at the right time, not too soon and not too late. This accurate timing helps forming and organizing the startup. You have different mentors and advisors at Avatech who are the best in their own fields. Avatech has helped us pass the long distance between idea and the point where we can turn it to a business. Avatech is a suitable space for us to forecast the possible problems that are happening because of lack of experience and try to find a solution for these problems.


Avatech: What keeps you motivated during difficult moments?

Nikoo: Actually when you are a startup, there are lots of moments that you feel your team & business are under pressure. At those moments your team is the only thing than can help you to overcome problems. A good, sympatic and optimistic team is the core of every successful startup and key to face hardships.


Avatech: What is your biggest success until now?

Nikoo: Tough we haven’t launched our website yet, many people from different businesses have approached us and put their order. Customer satisfaction has been high and that’s why we are sure about the quality of our product.


Avatech: If you could talk to people who want to start a startup, what would be your advice?

Nikoo: Consider everything and be motivated before entering a startup. Running a startup seems simple and chic from outside. You read about a talented young entrepreneur who had an idea turned into a business and he is wealthy now. But it’s not the way it seems. It’s a long and difficult way to success and nothing happens without perseverance, long work hours and sacrifice yourself.The most important thing is that you should believe in your idea and yourself. Form a good team for your startup, because getting things done beyond job description is normal and everyone must be ready to do everything.