Interview with Avatech Cycle 3 teams: Part 1 – Fullfekr


Avatech: What is Fullfekr and what does it do?

Vahid: Fullfekr is a platform to offer online consulting services. Users can directly converse with psychologists in a secure and private setting.


Avatech: Where does the idea of Fullfekr come from?

Vahid: It was born when I witnessed people asking their questions through social networks, and no one responding to them.


Avatech: What is the value that Fullfekr creates?

Vahid: Making it easier for everyone to access consultation services as well as the option of private sessions with psychologist anytime and anywhere.


Avatech: Tell us about your team and the reason you decided you to work on this startup.

Vahid: After several efforts to launch a startup, I realized that the most important factor for success is building a great team. Therefore, I read some books about career path and self-evaluation to find out more about my own strengths and weaknesses. Then created a list of the personalities and competencies that were required for my startup team and started networking and interviewing different people until I could finally build my team. Keyvan Alimohammadi is our skillful back-end developer. Saeid Shahini is our Android developer and UI designer. Shaghayegh Ghods is our psychologist and I’m responsible for business development.


Avatech:How do you see the future for yourself and your startup? How do you plan for the future?

Vahid: The future is very vague. I believe effort is independent from results. And I believe in trying. Anything might happen in the future.


Avatech:What challenges are there in the way of your startup’s growth?

Vahid: There’s the problem of matching the consultants’ schedule with the users’. Also, the quality of consultations is important.


Avatech: How were you introduced to Avatech?

Vahid: One of my friends was in the first cycle.


Avatech: How has your experience been with Avatech?

Vahid: It’s got a very nice environment and community.


Avatech: At times of adversity, what keeps the team motivated?

Vahid: Belief in the prospects of the idea.


Avatech:What has been your biggest achievement been so far?

Vahid: Putting together a good and motivated team.


Avatech: What advice do you have for teams wanting to lunch a startup?

Vahid: The team is the most important thing.


Avatech: What’s your favorite startup book?

Vahid: “Pretotype it”


Avatech: What is your favorite productivity tool?

Vahid: Pen and paper and Spotify.


Avatech: What is the biggest lesson you learned from the start of your project up to now?

Vahid: Team, Patience, Acting Fast


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