Interview with Avatech Cycle 3 teams: Part 3 – Lunato


This Monday we met our cycle 3 team Lunato. Mehdi, one of the co-founders answers our questions.


Avatech: What is Lunato and what does it do?

Mehdi: Lunato is the first Iranian online solution for purchasing eyewear that covers every category. We have a variety of products in our website from which you can easily choose, order and try at home. We will also have money back guarantee.


Avatech: Where does the idea of Lunato come from?

Mehdi: We have experience in ecommerce and relations with eyewear market.


Avatech: What is the value that Lunato creates?

Mehdi: You can select eyewear with new services (home try-on) and after that get great customer care.


Avatech: Tell us about your team and the reason you decided you to work on this startup.

Mehdi: I’m a MBA graduate and I have more than 5 years experience in e-commerce, I have Bachelor of Science in software engineering. I love building new things and believe we can change the world.

Neda is also a MBA graduate and has more than 5 years experience in e-commerce. She is very communicative and is able to build relationship with others.

We know this market is very big in the world and online solution is growing every year.


Avatech:How do you see the future for yourself and your startup? How do you plan for the future?

Mehdi: We are going to be the main source for eyewear in Iran and in order to reach this goal we must grow our content and inventory.


Avatech:What challenges are there in the way of your startup’s growth?

Mehdi: This business is capital based because we need inventory and online channel is new in this market in Iran.


Avatech: How has your experience been with Avatech?

Mehdi: Avatech experience is amazing. A lot of our problem were solved during last 3 months. We were talking to a lot of mentors and shared our problems with them.


Avatech: At times of adversity, what keeps the team motivated?

Mehdi: Passion for achieving our goal and build our dreams.


Avatech:What has been your biggest achievement been so far?

Mehdi: Validating our solution and acquire lots of customers.


Avatech: What advice do you have for teams wanting to lunch a startup?

Mehdi: Believe in yourself and start your company.


Avatech: What’s your favorite startup book?

Mehdi: Rework.


Avatech: What is your favorite productivity tool?

Mehdi: Google Analytics


Avatech: What is the biggest lesson you learned from the start of your project up to now?

Mehdi: You must focus on one idea and don’t let other ideas distract you.