Interview with Avatech Cycle 3 teams: Part 4 – Datashahr


The 4th part of our interviews with cycle 3 teams is with Datashahr. We talked to Bahram of the co-founders about their startup. Here are his thoughts and opinions.


Avatech: What is Datashahr and what does it do?

Bahram: Datashahr is an intelligent search engine for local business in a city. In Datashahr You can search for the right places according to your needs.


Avatech: Where does the idea of Datashahr come from?

Bahram: Finding places in big cities like Tehran is always a problem, and when you find them there is always the difficulty of which one to choose. We wanted to a create a platform where people can find places nearest to them and then use people’s reviews to find out which one is more suitable to their needs.


Avatech: What is the value that Datashahr creates?

Bahram: Our startup is providing users with a complete and detailed information bank of businesses complimented by people’s reviews which could help people to find the places nearest and best suitable to their needs.


Avatech: Tell us about your team and the reason you decided you to work on this startup.

Bahram: Our team consist of four people and all of them are Co-founders. Bahram Moshrefi Back-end Developer and CEO, Omid Arasteh UX/UI designer and GIS Expert and Saman Movahed content manager are high school bodies and Mohammad Changani CTO is a colleague of Bahram form the time they were working in search engine. 


Avatech:How do you see the future for yourself and your startup? How do you plan for the future?

Bahram: We planned to scale our database and make it a complete information bank for all the businesses and gain more traction, after that we can go to businesses and start working on our revenue. Taking our growth rate into account and considering the fact that we have not yet completed our database and our market which is one of the biggest, we see a very bright future for Datashahr.


Avatech: What challenges are there in the way of Datashahr’s growth?

Bahram: Our biggest challenge to grow is our marketing and the money we will need for doing it. We think that to do marketing in such big market will need a lot of money and human resources and we certainly need investment to do such thing. Another big challenge is getting people to write reviews because such things are not very common and popular yet among Iranians. But happily we have the right solution for it, right now we working one gamify our website and making writing reviews interesting for users and we hope rewards and games will encourage people to engage more and take part in generating crowd sourced data.


Avatech: How did you get to know Avatech?

Bahram: We were looking for VC on net and that’s how we came to know Avatech. Then we started attending their events and when Avatech started interviewing teams for cycle 3 we applied and got accepted.


Avatech: How has your experience been with Avatech?

Bahram: If I wanted to summarize our experience with Avatech in a sentence I would say, Avatech is fun and work combined. In Avatech they help you with mentoring and facilitate the process of making an enterprise out of a start up by teaching you how to grow your business and linking you with interested investors. But the most important thing about Avatech is that almost everybody tries to help you and that’s gold. 


Avatech: At times of adversity, what keeps the team motivated?

Bahram: Every time that we feel down and hopeless we think of the  users that come to our website and use it as a helpful asset to make their life easier and that makes us feel useful and motivated or we think of the  day when Datashahr reaches its full potential and starts making money out of its huge market. So we think of success. And there is also another point, we try to keep each other motivated all the time because having a startup means lot of stress and tension so it’s normal for team members to lose hope but the important thing is to support and encourage on a constant basis.


Avatech:What has been your biggest achievement been so far?

Bahram: We have lunched Datashahr 3 month ago and so far we have gained 4000 daily Page Views, 500 registered users and more than 2000 reviews and the numbers are growing. 


Avatech: What advice do you have for teams wanting to lunch a startup?

Bahram: I would tell them to keep working and never lose hope. Because startup work it’s not easy work at all and is stressful and time and energy consuming, you may make lots of mistakes and you may face lots of challenges and you will certainly fail in some of them, but the point is not to lose hope.


Avatech: What’s your favorite startup book?

Bahram: Lean Analytics.


Avatech: What is your favorite productivity tool?

Bahram: Trello, google calendar and telegram. 


Avatech: What is the biggest lesson you learned from the start of your project up to now?

Bahram: The biggest thing that we have learnt so far is that working together and trying not avoid helping others is the best way to learn new things and progress. Try to grow yourself and provide others with what you have learnt from experience and see what will happen.