Interview with Avatech Cycle 3 teams: Part 6 – Nazarbazaar


This part of Avatech interviews belongs to Nazarbazaar. We talked to Ebrahim Eskandari who works along with Ehsan Ahmadi and Sina Shafizadeh on this market research platform.


Avatech: What is Nazarbazaar and what does it do?

Ebrahim: NazarBazaar is and online market research platform that allows businesses to conduct speedy and easy consumer research. On one side of this platform are the businesses that submit their questions via their assigned online dashboard and pay on a per response basis. On the other side are the users of our mobile app (i.e the responders) that receive an incentive from the system for each question they answer.


Avatech: Where does the idea of Nazarbazaar come from?

Ebrahim: Since the year 1387 (2008 AD), we had a group specializing in research work that conducted projects on digitalizing market research on the previous generation of Symbian and Java mobile phones. The last few years, given the greater impact of mobile phones and smart phones we arrived at the conclusion that this is the right time to put together a market research platform based on smart phones.


Avatech: What is the value that Nazarbazaar creates?

Ebrahim: Quick, easy, dependable, and cost effective market research.

Avatech: Tell us about your team and the reason you decided you to work on this startup.

Ebrahim: Years of experience in academic work and market research projects coupled with prior experiences of forming successful international startups made our team adamant that we’re sentenced to succeed.  Also, by studying similar experiences throughout the world, we formed an interdisciplinary team of management, marketing, psychology, sociology, demography and engineering to be able to satisfy the actual needs of a vast array of businesses.


Avatech:How do you see the future for yourself and your startup? How do you plan for the future?

Ebrahim: We have a tough and challenging road ahead, one that similar to most traditional businesses takes time to forego the digitalization process and requires educating the customers. Meanwhile, on top of the world trends, we’re witnessing good signs in the Iranian market. The NazarBazaar team is developing and planning to take the market research online services closer to international standards and at the same time hopes that more competition in Iran’s business market leads businesses to be more responsive to market data and customer feedback.


Avatech: What challenges are on your way to grow??

Ebrahim: The primary challenge is the need to recruit and educate customers for the experience of the new generation of online market research services. It’s natural that businesses are used to traditional and common practices and unless they experience the quickness and accuracy of modern methods, it’ll be difficult for them to migrate. We’re hoping that by publishing consecutive reports of different industries and sighting the quality of extractable results, a new wave of businesses that due to high cost and the amount of time needed, were not able to use market research before, can also take advantage of these services.


Avatech: How did you get to know Avatech?

Ebrahim: Our friends and business colleagues had entered previous cycles at Avatech and we had previous familiarity with Avatech’s team of founders that made us more excited about being a part of Avatech’s acceleration program.


Avatech: How has your experience been with Avatech?

Ebrahim: Given our previous familiarity, we entered Avatech at a time that was ideal for us in terms of return value. Our biggest motivation and expectation from Avatech was to be connected to a network of people and fortunately we received necessary consults from relevant and dependable mentor. Also numerous events helped make the team and the idea more visible and came to our aid when negotiating business partnerships.


Avatech: What keeps you motivated during difficult moments?

Ebrahim: Being with a motivated team and the fact that we’re all focused on achieving an ambitious goal. Naturally the experience of members of the team also contributes to the composure and the spirit of thinking long term.


Avatech:What has been your biggest achievement been so far?

Ebrahim: A nightly growth of multiple hundred percent in user count because of our Norouz festival and via letting users invite their friends over the last days of 1394 Iranian calendar year.


Avatech: If you could talk to people who want to start a startup, what would be your advice?

Ebrahim: Be sure to study other teams’ experiences and all the data available online and not to overlook events relative to the ecosystem.


Avatech: What’s your favorite startup book?

Ebrahim: Hooked by Nir Eyal & Ryan Hoover


Avatech: What is your favorite productivity tool?



Avatech: What is the biggest lesson you learned from the start of your project up to now?

Ebrahim: Instead of focusing on things that are not in our control, we must dedicate our energy to what we can control and we must never be negligent of opportunities to change our surrounding.