Avatech Mentor Interview – Part 2: Reyhaneh Khalilpour


This week we talked to Reyhaneh Khalilpour, HR and Talent manager at Sarava VC.


Avatech: Tell us about the field you’re working at and your background.

Reyhaneh: I have 10 years of hands-on experience managing people and human resources processes in multinational companies. I’m handling all human resources processes like end-to-end recruitment, employee relations, candidate development, consulting, policy development and hiring, compensations and benefits. I have  worked on many challenging problems in different working places in the Middle East and Europe.


Avatech: What has been your biggest achievement and what are you most proud of?

Reyhaneh: Being an active member in Digikala and still influencing their team and management in strategic HR issues has been wonderful.


Avatech: What has been your biggest challenge and what have you learned?

Reyhaneh: Convincing that there are certain processes and procedures in regards to HR matters and that everything cannot be done that very instant. Further, that we at Sarava act as coaches and mentors and are not in charge of business KPI’s, cofounders are.


Avatech: What is your favorite productivity tool?

Reyhaneh: Slack


Avatech: What is your favorite startup book?

Reyhaneh: Chief Happiness Officer


Avatech: What did you choose entrepreneurship as a career?

Reyhaneh: I always wanted to be a part of something bigger and being a member of this ecosystem helps me to redefine my roles as I go by in addition to the level of influence I have across teams and startups.


Avatech: Besides mentors what helped you through entrepreneur journey?

Reyhaneh: Seeing things from the co-founders’ perspective and trying to put myself in their shoes. There is no clear cut way in providing a service to all startups as they are all unique and difference as in their structure, culture, core values, org behavior, etc.


Which startup do you admire most?

Reyhaneh: Faranesh and Taskulu


Avatech: How do you spend most of your time?

Reyhaneh: I’m working most of the time but if I have spare time, I try to research, read and increase my knowledge in regards to the best HR/Talent Management practices globally.


Avatech: What should a team prepare for a mentorship session?

Reyhaneh: An interview with all members of a team would be helpful, their product overview, information and background of team background, their scope of responsibilities and functions.


Avatech: How can teams define which mentors are good for them?

Reyhaneh: I guess by having at least one mentorship with each mentor and deciding on their own.


Avatech: What is your advice for young entrepreneurs?

Reyhaneh: To think outside of the box, ethical behavior in the corporate world, try to handle things in a more mature way, to do things/have hobbies beside their product development, taking responsibility and accountability for their business.