Avatech Mentor Interview – Part 5: Shervin Mashayekh


This week we had a chat with Shervin Mashayekh, one of our great mentors.

Avatech: Tell us about the field you’re working at and your background.

Shervin: I’ve been active in the fields of digital design and development for about 10 years now. Currently, I’m working as digital consultant with two companies, one Iranian and the other an international company. I also work with the Avatech team as a mentor.


Avatech: Have you had a mentor? If yes who was the most important and how was the experience with this mentor?

Shervin: Sure, I’ve had several people by my side as mentor as I believe we do not need to experience every consequence of every action ourselves.

It’s a deep conviction of mine that sometimes a short sentence can change your life.


Avatech: What has been your biggest challenge and what have you learned?

Shervin: My biggest challenge has been distancing myself from idealism and what I’ve learned is that the work a person does is never flawless. There’s always room for improvement.


Avatech: What is your favorite productivity tool?

Shervin: Evernote, Google Calendar, Any. Do


Avatech: What is your favorite startup book?

Shervin: Among my favorite books I can mention these:

“Rework” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier

“Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … And Others Don’t” by James C. Collins


Avatech: Why did you choose entrepreneurship as a career?

Shervin: For as long as I remember, I never liked working under other people, and I’ve dedicated all my time and energy to building a business of my own.


Avatech: Besides mentors what helped you through entrepreneur journey?

Shervin: One of these people is my fiancé. Her unstinting support coupled with timely comments and straightforward critiques have had considerable effect on my day to day development.


Which startup do you admire most?

Shervin: I can name Mailchimp. Their branding model, their world view, and their attention to every little detail through UI and UX is very impressive.


Avatech: How do you spend most of your time?

Shervin: When I’m not working, I spend my time reading articles and books about the fields of UI design, user experience design and business. But most of my time is spent designing and consulting for businesses.


Avatech: How can teams define which mentors are good for them?

Shervin: I recommend that they familiarize themselves with the mentors present in the session. The biggest waste of time for a team at this stage is when their mentor isn’t qualified to answer their questions. The next step is to have a clear strategy for their meetings with the mentor and avoid asking pointless and dead-end questions.


Avatech: What is your advice for young entrepreneurs?

Shervin:  I can sum it up in one sentence: “Keep it Simple.” Do what you do in the simplest way possible and then improve on it using the feedback you receive.