Why we need more coworking spaces in Tehran!


As Iran’s startup ecosystem grows more and more, startups and startup accelerators are joining the ecosystem in Tehran. According to recent statistics, there are currently about 40 startup accelerators in Iran. It is certainly a big step to see the growth of accelerators in Tehran and across Iran. However, are there are other ways to develop Iran’s startup and entrepreneurship scene? How about coworking spaces for startups and freelancers?

Most startups are desperate to network with other entrepreneurs and stakeholders in Iran’s startup scene. One of the main drivers for them to enter accelerators is the utilization of dynamic and creative coworking spaces available at accelerators. Additionally, this is one way to avoid the high rent for office spaces in Tehran. As such, Coworking spaces are attractive to many startups who work with very low budgets.

Active coworking spaces in Tehran

There are currently two active coworking spaces in Tehran;  Zavie and Finnova coworking spaces.

Finnova is affiliated with the Ayandeh Bank which was launched one year ago at the Amir Kabir University’s Incubator Centre on Valiasr Street. There are currently several teams based at Finnova. These teams pay a monthly fee, calculated based on the size of the team, as well as give 1% of their share to Finnova every 6 months.

The second coworking space is the newly launched Zavie, based here at Avatech in Amirabad. In addition to a working space, Zavie organizes various workshops and events specifically catered to the startups and freelancers using its space, while also giving them access to various workshops and events that take place at Avatech. Zavie offers several packages to startup teams and freelancers, where those interested pay according to their team size and number of tables required.

Original Text was published in persian by Iman Davoodian. Translation by Iran Seyed-Raeisy.