Pre- Accelerator at Avatech


You might be asking yourself what happens if you get accepted for the 2nd Cycle at Avatech? What will you learn, how will we support and help you during the eight weeks of Pre-Accelerator before you pitch your idea to Mentors and Investors during Selection Day to make it to Accelerator and get the Seed Investment? In this blogpost we try to give you some answers. If you are still unsure if you should apply please feel always free to contact us via and ask your questions.

The eight weeks of Pre- Accelerator should help you on your way to reach to the so called “Problem- Solution Fit” with your product. We know that all teams start from a different point: Maybe you already have a product and some customers, maybe you only have an idea and a simple prototype right now. For the Pre- Accelerator we created a program that will help you to move forward from wherever you are starting.



So what are we offering?



Weekly workshops will help you to (re)define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), teach you how to collect and evaluate Customer Feedback and to set and measure your metrics the right way. We will also cover topics like Marketing, Sales and Team Management. In total we will host at least eight workshops.



In addition to the workshops we will host weekly Pitchsessions to prepare you to present your Startup to potential investors.



Another big source of support is our growing network of local and international mentors who are ready to support you and give advise. They are experts in their fields ranging from Marketing and Customer Aqcuisition to Fundraising and UX Design. So if you have any specific questions, request and needs we will connect you to the right mentor.


Office Space and Network:

Besides that we have a great office in the middle of Tehran that is open for all teams to work and connect to each other. We are also regularly hosting events like hamfekr and Startup Grind which are a great opportunity to network, recruit and speak to likeminded people.


Please also check out the interviews with KSNA and 2nate and a guest blogpost by Ehsan Davoudi to learn what our current teams say about being part of Avatech.


If you want to apply to our 2nd Cycle, please check our application page here. Deadline for applications is Friday 30th of January (10th of Bahman). If you are not sure if your Startup fits our application criteria please check our FAQ page or sent your questions to





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