Request for Startups – Cycle 2


Looking at success stories such as DigiKala (similar to Amazon) and Takhfifan (similar to Groupon) we see that you can create values even if the idea has been executed somewhere else successfully.

With the massive growth of internet and mobile penetration in the life of Iranian people, we think that innovation in the following sectors can make the community around us a better place. Therefore we have decided to publish a list of ideas we believe in.

As YCombinator wrote on their website, remember, at the end of the day, it is all about the team not the idea! Don’t start a company just because it is on this list. It is here to help you think about areas you can create value. We hope that teams who are already working on the following ideas apply to us so we can help them accelerate.

This list doesn’t mean that we are not looking for teams with breakthrough technologies and innovation in internet and mobile. We still will be waiting for those ideas and teams who gonna surprise and inspire us, especially those who target global markets.

The deadline to apply is until January 30th, 11:59  but we encourage you to submit your application early, so we have more time to get to know you and your team.



Healthcare in Iran is massive. Thanks to our unhealthy lifestyle, bureaucratic processes and some of our under informed doctors. Only the government spends around 15,000 Billion Toman (~ 5 Billion US$) on healthcare, and still there are a lot of pains to be addressed. Digital and social technologies have been successful in improving healthcare in different countries. Similar startups to European and American ones can be helpful to lives of millions of people in Iran.


Digital Media & Entertainment:

Customers are getting used to accessing videos and general media content whenever and wherever they want to and The Business of Home Entertainment Retailing states that overall annual spending for video has increased to $18.2 billion. In Iran the majority of the population is youth and they need more digital entertainments, especially in Online Games, Social or Casual Games, Natural movement based games, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Companies like Zynga, Second Life and … are the best cases for this industry.



Only in Tehran there are more than 14 million trips every day. With problems such as pollution, traffic, lack of parking slots and increasing cost of energy and transportation, there are many innovative ideas which can serve the citizens for better transportation and delivery. Globally successful ideas such as Gett, Lyft and many more have been able to help resolving the issues.


Software as a Service:

Software as a Service (SaaS) has been in the consumer market for a while in the world. Instead of purchasing the software, you are purchasing it as a service. According to the Gartner group, SaaS revenue starting in 2010 has increased steadily from 10 Billion to 12 Billion (2011), to 14.5 Billion (2012), and projected to reach heights of up to 22 Billion by 2015. Although in Iran several SMEs and Enterprises are working on this field, but for sure it is not enough. Ideas and services like online shop builder, website builder, CRM  & HRM are hot trends in global markets.



In the world of advertising technology, everything is new. Whereas just a year ago Facebook might have been considered a secondary player in automated advertising, mobile and data, today it is reshaping the business. Advertisers are seeing that technology can control the whole experience. They can use technology to customize campaigns to the individual and manage lifelong relationships with consumers. Companies like Anetwork in Iran which is an online advertising platform or Affiliate Networks like LinkShare or Commission Junction which are the most popular programs available today.



Startups in the financial technology field, or “fintech” as it’s commonly called, are booming and venture investment in global fintech tripled between 2008 and 2013 to $2.97 billion and is expected to reach $8 billion by 2018. Only the mobile users in Iran had more than 650 million financial transitions in just 6 months in 2014 and the penetration rate of internet is increasing in Iran, so there are more and more needs in this field, especially in online & mobile payments & crowd funding. FinTech startups such as Square, Xoom, Kiva,, PayCycle, OutRight, Billfloat, and Personal Capital are the best examples in this sector.


Future Trends


  • 3D Printing

Whether they’re designing hyper-modern light fixtures or reproducing human tissues, startups all over the world are using 3D printing as a foundation for building innovative businesses. 3D printing allows startups to create fast, affordable prototypes to attract investors and set ideas in motion. And due to the highly-customizable nature of 3D printed objects, this new manufacturing process is revolutionizing the way that businesses interact with their customers. Here are some startups putting 3D printing to work: Shapeways, Eyes on the Future and Spuni.


  • Smart Houses

When you’re not home, nagging little doubts can start to crowd your mind. Did I turn the coffee maker off? Did I set the security alarm? Are the kids doing their homework or watching television? With a smart home, you could quiet all of these worries with a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet. You could connect the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you. And it is not limited to just this, there are more concerns on how smart houses technology and automation can solve problems like energy efficiency, security and other topics in theses field. With the rise of the tablets and smartphones in Iran we are seeing more and more people interested in this technology.


  • Big Data

The era of Big Data has arrived. The amount of enterprise data, and the rate at which it’s being accumulated, is rising exponentially. The proliferation of mobile devices, artificial intelligence, Web analytics, social media and other types of emerging technologies is creating new data streams that only add to traditional data stores, such as transaction records and financial data. Humans are very bad information processors. Nevertheless, we spend a lot of our time performing informational tasks.  Poring over documents and shuffling papers is simply not a good use of people’s time. Big data can free up those tasks so that front line personnel can focus on their core mission.



Real Estate:

Combine the Tehran’s massive financial and real estate industries with its growing tech talent pool and you can have real estate technology startups which can shake up how the traditional industry works. According to the reports, only Tehran has 9000 transactions per day in real estate market. It is time for smarter and better ways. Here are some examples on international startups which are working in these fields: Balcony, Property Connect and HouseCall.


The Avatech cycle #2 – Spring 2015 application is open through the month of January. If you have any questions about the Avatech acceleration program or the application process, just contact us.