4 days & 36 startups at Seedstars Geneva


Our Program manager, Sara Usinger just came back from the Seedstars World Finals in Geneva/Switzerland. She decided to write a blog post about this event and share her experience with you:

I just returned from a trip to Geneva/Switzerland where I had the honour to represent VDecoration and Iran at Seedstars World. Seedstars World is a global Startup Competition focusing on Startups from emerging markets. In 2014 they travelled to 36 countries to find and select the most promising Startups from each country. The local winners were invited to pitch in the Semi finals in Geneva last week and 10 finalists were competing for 500.000 US$ of Investment on the big stage at the final. It also gave all the participants the opportunity to speak to potential investors and media people.


People were coming from countries like Colombia, Kenya, India, Armenia and Australia, making this Startup Competition a truly global one. The ideas ranged from productivity tools, to laundry as a painless service, to smart Fish Feeding and OKHI, a company that helps people in Slums and Favelas getting a real, physical address.  Some of them were making thousands of dollars per month already.


Being at such an event was a truly inspiring and enriching experience for me.  I had the chance to meet and speak to incredibly smart people from all over the world, doing great things and challenging the status quo in their respective field. It was amazing to see how much you can achieve even in small countries with ecosystems that are just starting.


Thank you to the whole Seedstars team for their huge efforts in making this event a wonderful experience. And congratulations to the winning team from Salarium/Philippines.


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