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What will bring a Public Relation expert, a successful businessman and a professional software developer together? We sat beside Majid Kasiri, Co-founder of Akhbar Rasmi, an outstanding reporter and public relation expert, but this time instead of him, interviewing different people, we interviewed him. Please join us for another Avatech startup story, this time with Akhbar Rasmi, the startup which will transform and modernize the whole industry of news release and public relations in Iran. Akhbar Rasmi in Farsi means “Formal News”.


Q. Can you please briefly introduce Akhbar Rasmi?

Majid: Akhbar Rasmi has two side business models; from one side we are dealing with SMEs which we are giving them, online public relations office and on the other hand, Medias & Reporters which we are feeding them with high quality news from above SMEs. We combined the traditional press release services and modern content discovery platforms and build a scalable business in public relations sector. With the ease of use, the companies which want to publish their news can send their news through our platform to Medias and reporters and cover their news; on the other hand we solved the problem of reporters which are looking for more news and contents.


Q. How did it start?

Majid: The story has begun from receiving large demands from companies to publish their news and helping them with their public relations and from my past experiences I was aware that lots of reporters, after preparing their main story and news during the day, are looking for side news to publish. So why not connect these two together? At first I was thinking to build a news agency to do that but I understood that we will end up covering few companies, so we decided to create an online platform which can scale our services.


Q. How did you find your co-founders?

Majid: That is a long story, Mostafa Morshedi, one of our co-founders had a business which I was his public relations adviser, we worked together a lot and one day I shared the idea of Akhbar Rasmi with him and talked about the values which we can deliver thorough this idea. He instantly liked the idea and moved out from his business to this startup to start it. This union brought us to Jahan (Mahdi j Moghddam), the other co-founder which we got familiar with him during signing a contract to outsource our web platform. As we were moving forward, we learned that we need technical co-founder to take care of our web development, during this time we enjoyed working with Jahan, so when we told him we need a technical co-founder, he accepted and joined our team.


Q. You totally came from a corporate world, how did you overcome the challenge of building a startup?

Majid: The ability to overcome challenges needs sacrifice, during building our startup, we made lots of mistakes, it took wasting time & money to start our startup, at first we had a contract with a company to develop our platform but as we moved forward, we realized that outsourcing a startup is wrong. We put lots of features that users didn’t want and they weren’t our core values but slowly with the Help of Avatech we reached to current Akhbar Rasmi.


Q. How Avatech helped you during acceleration?

Majid: I got familiar with Avatech through Mohsen Malayeri during Iran web conference, I shared my idea with him and he suggested me to apply to Avatech. As I mentioned before, Avatech gave us the spirit of a startup, we started to build our startup from zero again, and we developed a platform which was fitted to our customers and omit lots of features from our platform.


Q. What is the current status of Akhbar Rasmi?

Majid: Right now we have 200 customers which are mostly SMEs and about 2000 Medias & reporters. Akhbar Rasmi is a full-fledged public relations room; your company has full control over leading its public relations, from publishing news to the medias, seeing the number of Medias which are covering your news, SEO, sending newsletter any other needs which you need to brand your company.


Q. What did you envision for Akhbar Rasmi?

Majid: The small & medium size companies are not really aware of the magic of public relations & media management in their companies, we want to change and transform the way these entities are managing their public relations. We have more than 300,000 SMEs but their share of news distribution in medias are less than 0.2 percent, we want to help them to be heard through public medias.


Thank you, for your cooperation to publish this story.


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