Startup Stories, Cafe Tunes: “Enjoy the music around you”


From creating a MVP by putting different C# codes from to a mobile app to enable you to remotely control the music that plays through public places. This is a story of the Cafe Tunes startup; they will revolutionize the way we listen to music. A web and mobile app that let the people choose the music being played in places that use this service by voting and also deliver the value of finding places with a similar music to hang out and spend time. It can also deliver useful information about the impact of music on customer’s experiences to place owners; this information can be used to understand which genre of music is suitable to be played in the place.

We interviewed Siavash Ahmadpour, Pejman Takdahghan and Ali Shabestani, the co-founders of Cafetunes.

Q: How did you come up with Café Tunes Idea?

Siavash: It all started with an idea of listing to music which we love to listen in public places like cafes. We all know how music can uplift your mood almost instantly, especially if you are a fan of listening to music and you couldn’t find a good place to listen and spend sometimes with your friends and enjoy the music you like. So to solve this problem, at first we came up with an idea of creating a website that will show you the map of all cafes in Tehran and the music which they are playing but it changed to a platform that people can request their favorite songs to cafes and during the pre-acceleration phase in Avatech, changed to current Café Tunes.

Q: What is the story of your team? How did you find each other?

Siyavash: I was working in a software company and shared CafeTunes idea with Armin, one of my old friends, and he really liked the idea and we slowly started to develop the idea together.

Pejman: I joined the team when Siavash and Armin came to me to design their logo for them. At that time, I was working in a designing company and really liked the idea. So we sat together in a café and talked about it and I joined the team.

Ali: I was working on the web project for myself but I really wanted to have a team and work in a team because I think, working in a team is more fun. So when I got familiar with the idea, although I wasn’t sure about the idea but I liked the team and joined them.

Q: How did you enter to Avatech?

Siavash: We didn’t know Avatech at all; even I can say we didn’t know a lot about startups. We accidentally visited Sara, the program manager of Avatech and she told us to apply to first cycle of Avatech. We registered our Idea, 2 days left to the deadline and after a long process of selection. Our team accepted. But our idea wasn’t ready; I still remember the moment that Mohsen, the Managing Director of Avatech told us to work more on the business model, and we totally changed from a website to show the music of cafes to a mobile application to vote and select your favorite music to play, like a juke box.

Q: How did Avatech help you?

Ali: For sure 25 million toman seed fund to focus, or the network of local and international mentors are really effective and useful for us. But the impact of Avatech is more than that. Avatech increased the speed of our progress. I think outside of Avatech we wouldn’t reach to current achievements that we have right now.

Q: For the final Question, What is the vision of Café Tunes?

Siyavash: What we envisioned, is to go to any cafes in the world and see our application, up and running there. We want to see the enjoyment of people by giving them more choice of selection to hear what they really want.


Thank you Café Tunes for this interview.