Startup Stories, Lendem, “Just Lend Them & Spread Joy”


In a very busy day with lots of tasks to do and sticky notes to follow, we interviewed the Lendem team to learn about the story and passion behind their business. Lendem is a mobile based platform that helps people share their belongings with each others, rent, exchange or lend it. It’s a solution that helps people to find the things that they use temporarily, to borrow instead of buying, and save money. We interviewed Sadjad Fallah, Mohammad Tootia & Saman Abdolmohammadpour.

Q: How did you come up with Lendem Idea?

Sadjad: It was several years ago and it was during my studies in university that I faced a problem when we had to buy books we will only need for one semester. Or we are downloading videos that we needed regarding to the fact that maybe someone downloaded them before. So I was thinking that if I can lend the things which I am not going to use again or borrow the essential things or things that I cannot afford to buy from my friends, the problem will be solved. Another experience that I have is with my past startup where I wanted to buy furniture and office equipment and I didn’t have the money to buy, and I solved the problem with the help of my relatives who had the equipment but didn’t want to use it so they just lent it to me and from that moment I was thinking about Lendem. I even registered the domain for it.

Q: How did your team started?

Sadjad: It was 4 years ago: I remember that I was a teaching assistant in university and Mohammad just entered university. We got familiar with each other and became friends. Our friendship continued until we both collaborated in an android project and finally we came up with the idea to build our startup.

Mohammad: I was working in an IT company but I was bored with the products that they were building because they weren’t solving the problems of the people. I wanted something that was really meant for the people. When Sadjad told me about building our startup, I instantly accepted because I was looking for the challenge and the change.

Saman: I joined the team recently. I graduated from Melbourne university and got engaged with startup communities in Australia but at the end I realized that Iran’s startup scene has much more capacity to grow and there are lots of ideas that we can develop in Iran. So I came back and started a website named and followed the startup scene of Iran until I joined Lendem.

Q: How did you enter Avatech?

Mohamamd: We got familiar with Avatech during the first Startup Weekend Women and  the moment we heard about it we applied for the first cycle of Avatech. But we weren’t 100 percent sure about lendem because we didn’t know if it can generate money so we applied with Lendem and 1 different idea and both ideas got accepted. After that we analyzed the market and realized that the Market of the other idea isn’t that big and we are really passionate about Lendem so we decided to work on it. We are totally satisfied with our decision because now we are seeing our progress. The market that we are going to create is huge and it is not only limited to Iran.


Q: How is the startup working environment?

Saman: It is filled with challenges and experience sharing. Sometimes you have to wear several different thinking hats and accept different roles. Today I am an android developer but tomorrow I will be the salesperson.

Sadjad: We are dedicating ourselves to Lendem and working nonstop while enjoying it. We even put some limitation and rules to not to work too much because it will decrease our productivity.

Q: What did you learn in Avatech?

Saman: One of the important things that we learned in Avatech is Team work and trusting  your team. In the past I always thought that if you want to finalise something you have to do it yourself. But Avatech changed my mind over working in a team.

Mohammad: I believe any entrepreneur needs three things, 1- Experience 2- Knowledge of business and 3- Risk taking, Avatech is providing us with the knowledge by the workshops and mentorship of its network.

Sadjad: I can give you a better image of how this knowledge helped us; I remember it was during one of the workshops when Mohammad tweeted about Avatech’s workshops and that they are like earthquake because it is changing our view over managing a company.

Q: For the final question, what is the vision for Lendem?

Mohammad: We dream of a day that whenever someone searches for an item, they get the response that they can borrow it and find in Lendem. We are working hard to make Lendem to become the first platform that people check before buying something. And we hope that people can live easier and cheaper using our application.



Thank you Lendem team for participating in this interview and sharing your thoughts with us.