Startup Stories, Miztahrir: “Online academic educations for everyone.”


We are near to our Demo Day and this will be our last startup stories in first cycle of Avatech, if you missed the other stories and interested to read the story of our startups, you can find them all here. Our last story is about the startup which decided to make the education system better and equal for everyone. Miztahrir aims to be leading Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) provider of Iran. While Iran is a vast country and there is a high inequality and inaccessibility between the people who live and work in Tehran and others who are far from capital in access to high quality education, Miztahrir promises to provide mass young job-seeking population with quality vocational and professional training material and easy live access to educators. To get to know them better, we interviewed Mahmoud Pourmand, the co-founder of Miztahrir.


Q. Why did you start Miztahrir?

Mahmoud: 2 years ago, Mostafa Ajvadi, one of the co-founders was participating in a class which had a famous teacher, it was a very helpful class by suddenly due to some problems, and the teacher couldn’t participate in the class anymore, so he was searching for the solution to hold the class virtually. Buy because of sanctions most of the solutions weren’t easy or cheap or too much complicated. So to solve this problem, Mostafa decided to build a cloud based platform to make it easier, cheaper and much more accessible and Miztahrir was born.


Q. Tell us about the other co-founders? And how did you start?

Mahmoud: Miztahrir consisted of 5 co-founders, Me, Mostafa Ajvadi, Ali RahimZadeh, Hossein Hamidi & Valiolah Raeisi. Mostafa shared the idea with his friend, Hossein; He was working in a governmental incubator and came up with several solutions and suggested Ali as developer. On that time, I was working with Ali in another project and had the chance to collaborate with them and joined the team. The first meetings were held by skype and after we came up with a road map, we bought the Wiziq license and moved on with more physical meetings. Some of the challenges were lacking focus and having technical issues but about 5 months ago we decided to focus only on Miztahrir and we entered to Avatech.


Q. How did you enter to Avatech?

Mahmoud: We received an invitation from Avatech to participate in the selection process, and like the others they interviewed us in two steps and we accepted for the pre-acceleration of Avatech.


Q. Who are your customer segments?

Mahmoud: We had the long journey of customer discovery and product market fit. But right now we are focusing on high school students to provide them with high quality MOOCs and after that we want to move on to university courses.


Q. What did you envision for Miztahrir?

Mahmoud: To become the number one in Iran in academic educations. We may face lots of barriers and challenges but to make our vision happen and to make an equal education ecosystem which everyone has the chance of equal education, we have to overcome them, challenges like, traditional education system or slow internet speed.


Thank you Mahmoud for this interview.