Startup Stories, Navaar: “Audio Books for Everyone”


When Arash Sahabat & Hamid Asadi, first started to dedicate some of their break times to talk and listen to audio books, they got the same questions over and over: “Why the audio book market of Iran is so small and why there are not so many good Farsi audio books to listen?”, Asking these questions and enjoying their time on listing to audio books, make them to go further and start their own startup. Navaar is an online audio book marketplace where you can find farsi audio books with good quality to listen. Anybody who enjoys listening to audio-books can enjoy Navaar just as much. This week we decided to interview Navaar startup team.

Q: How Navaar started?

Hamid: We were three audio book enthusiast which working in a very big & boring company. Putting some of our break and lunch times to talk about books and audio books which we read or listened and felt like we were different from the others in a way that we were seeking changes and wanted to work for ourselves. Until we discussed it with each other and thought that why we are not building a startup about our passion? We always thought about big audio book companies like Audible and wondered that why in Iran, we are not that much active in these field? So we started to talk about our idea with some of the big book publishers and told them about Navaar and how we can help them to publish and sell their products faster and easier, most of them interested and told us that we are ready to sign a contract with you, although we didn’t have any platform. So we started to form our core team and build our startup.

Q: What motivated you to build your startup and quit your jobs?

Hamid: I was developing the ERP and HR portal of the company and Arash was working on the infrastructure and framework of the company and both of us were receiving good salaries from this company, but we wanted to build something that belongs to ourselves and decide about it ourselves and to become happy from its achievements and get out from our comfort zone. So when we got familiar with Avatech and applied for the first cycle, we entered to a marathon which pushed us step by step to reach more and more milestones.

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced until now?

Arash: Like any other startups, we faced lots of challenges and hesitations, for us it was like sailing in vast blue ocean, quitting one of our co-founders were one of them because he wasn’t only a simple team member. It completely threw us for a loop because we’d had no clue. Not only was our business partner gifted at Marketing, he was as enthusiastic about the business idea as we really enjoyed working together. But suddenly he was gone, and we had to figure out how we could carry on without him. Right now the road map is getting clear for us and we are moving forward. We recently put our mobile application on CafeBzaar.

Q: How did Avatech support you?

Hamid: I think one of the big supports of the Avatech were on the processes of decision making, I mean the impact of the entrepreneurs’ decision making on the startup is huge and sometimes you need a third party to help you on decisions and gave you valid advice and Avatech was always supported us with good and effective tips whether it came from its mentors, the core team of Avatech or the other startups.

Q: What did you envision for Navaar?

Arash: We are willing to change the way, people usually spend their time. Instead of watching  TV you can listen to Audiobooks or in an heavy traffic instead of wasting time and nagging about the traffic, listen to our books and enjoy the life. We are hoping that we can fill the gap between the book publishers and listeners and change the life style of people.


Thank you Hamid & Arash for this interview.