Startup Stories, Reyhoon: “Good Food is Good Mood”


2 years has been passed from the last time he came to Iran for the first time, Soheil Alavi never thought that the startup ecosystem of Iran has been changed this much just in 2 years and never imagined that a short trip to Iran would have change his life. After SFX acquired Tunezy, his last startup in New York, he came to Iran for a short trip and got familiar with Avatech and became the UX mentor of Avatech teams. On one of his mentorships with one of the teams, he was interested in working on one of the Ideas which was Reyhoon. Reyhoon on the beginning of Avatech was only Reza Heidari which had years of experience in food industry and online food ordering. But they didn’t want to become just another online food delivery, driven by passion they wanted to affect the daily life style of people and change the way people order their food. They wanted to solve a problem which every one of us has, especially those who work in companies, the problem of not having enough time to make something healthy for ourselves and ordering unhealthy foods.

To get to know the story of Reyhoon, we interviewed Reza & Sohiel, the co-founders of Reyhoon.



Q. Why Reyhoon startup?

Soheil: The Internet has turned our existence upside down. It has revolutionized communications, to the extent that it is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. In almost everything we do, we use the Internet, buying a television, sharing a moment with a friend, sending a picture over instant messaging. In a young societies like Iran which you couldn’t find that much time to prepare something healthy for your food and eating and ordering healthy foods from restaurants are becoming our concerns, we decided to solve these concerns with Reyhoon, an online internet food court with a rich user experience that is trying to change the way you order your food online, like any food court which the restaurants should have certain amount of qualities to remain in the food court.


Q. How Reyhoon started?

Reza: When my idea was selected in pre-acceleration phase, I was alone and trying to find more co-founders, until I had an UX mentorship by Soheil, and he was giving me lots of cool ideas about how Reyhoon should look like, as we were moving forward we decided to work together as co-founders. So we started from zero from day zero of Avatech until we reached to a phase which we felt that we need more help, so we were looking for more co-founders and that is where we found Parham & Ramin. They had faced several startup failures, not as co-founders but as employees, but after they came to Avatech and saw the lively environment of Avatech, they decided to build a successful experience as co-founders and we gave them this chance. After them, Aram & Farnood joined us and now we are six people.


Q: Speaking of Reyhoon Team, can you tell us more about the culture of your team?

Soheil: I think one of the core cultures of Reyhoon is our model of expectation setting, whenever we have a new person which is joining our team, we celebrate his/her companion and introduce them to others, because our team is the building block of our company, we respect them and every one of them have values for us. On the other hand, we have War Rooms, meetings for nagging and setting expectations, everyone speak their thoughts and directly speak their issues with each other, so there will be no worries after the meeting, I can remember, one of our team members left Reyhoon because he couldn’t keep up with this culture and these meetings are like cutting and polishing diamonds, the cuttings are usually harsh but it will make diamonds more valuable. We are driven by functions and responsibilities not by positions and tag names like CEO or other fancy names.


Q: Are you willing to focus only on Tehran?

Soheil: There are no limitations in our expanding to other cities, cause once we have the platform, it is only the matter of marketing and customer services to expand and we are planning to cover whole Iran.


Q: What is the vision of Reyhoon?

Reza: We want to transform from an online food delivery company to a life style company, ordering food from Reyhoon is not buying junk food but buying what it really important for your health. We want to set standards for restaurants which are entering to our platform which means that ordering from them is equal to eating healthy and high quality foods.


Thank you, Soheil & Reza for this interview.