Startup Stories, Webyad: “Learning Network”


A green screen, an ongoing desktop for editing videos, a table to negotiate with instructors and trainers and a passionate team who wants to change the education ecosystem are the 4 elements of the statup which we want to tell their story. Webyad is a learning network in which everybody can learn and teach. They provide learners with inexpensive or even free learning and 24/7 access to learning materials and also facilities to interact with classmates and teacher. On the other hand, Webyad provides easy to use tools for teachers to teach online and build their personal brands and earn money. Usually you will find them in front of their green screen, recording a new course. On their website you can find lots of high quality videos from high profile people. We interviewed Emad Ghaeni, the Co-Founder and CEO of Webyad to share with you the story of the Webyad startup.

  • How did you come up with Webyad idea?

Emad: I and Babak Abdolhagh were working several years in e-learning and after a long time of establishing online learning platforms for different organizations and companies, we thought that why we are not providing an equal opportunity for everyone to have access to high quality education? And just by answering this question, the idea of creating Webyad has started.


  • How is Webyad working?

Emad: In our opinion every one of us has two educational roles, sometimes we are learning and the other times we are teaching something, so why don’t we have an educational platform to cover both sides? We can learn from each other. We are directly connecting students with teachers and they can put their educational materials through videos and the students can use these high quality videos, anytime and anywhere.


  • How did you come up with the current Co-Founders?

Emad: I and Babak were class mates at Allame Tabatabayi University about 12 years ago and we were the master students and studying IT management on that time. We started our friendship from university and then we built our company which was named Rayazeitoon. We were working on E-Learning and after several years about 4 years ago, Mehran Pourshahmir joined our team which he brought Arash Nourouzi to the team.


  • You had your own company, why did you decide to build a startup and start over?

Emad: First of all, our business model was different from now, on that time we were doing it separately for different companies, I think we made about 30,000 different E-Learning courses for lots of organizations, but we decided to quite doing projects for others and focused on making the courses on our own online platform.


  • How did you enter to Avatech?

Emad: I guess we were one of the teams which due to our good progress, invited to participate in interviews. I got an email from Mohsen, Managing Director of Avatech which invited us to participate in an interview and after several days they called us and said that we have been accepted for Avatech.


  • How do you describe the Webyad, before and after Avatech?

Emad: In my opinion, Avatech, helped us to focus on our startup, before Avatech we were doing everything, Webyad was of the things which we were doing but after Avatech from the moment we entered to the interview they asked about our 100% focus on our Startup and step by step helped us to increase our focus on Webyad.


  • What do you envision for the future?

Emad: We envisioned a future which Webyad will take a place beside words like learning and education in the mind of the people and anyone who wants to lean or teach something will check the Webyad platform first.


Thank you dear Emad for this interview.