Startup Stories, Honari.com: “Empowering artists to follow their passion”


Inspired to follow his passion in Iranian handicraft market, Amir Fatahzadeh, the founder of Honari.com just quit his job in the web design company which he created years ago to build a startup which he was dreaming. He believes that if you have these three things you are in the right path in your startup...Read More


This Week in Avatech #5: On the verge of a take off


For this week, we thought that you want to know more about our team’s progress and accomplishments, so we dig deeper into our teams. They were active from programming to marketing and social media management. For details you can read about each one of them.Read More


This Week in Avatech #8: Week 8 of Accleration


Workshops As the teams are moving forward, they are understanding the value of teamwork more and more. Therefore, to make their team work more effective, we had a team management workshop on Monday, 26 Jan, that was delivered by Ümit Konuray of DasTraining. The workshop covered topics like effective and good communication, feedback, different roles in teams, team...Read More