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Startup Stories, Miztahrir: “Online academic educations for everyone.”


We are near to our Demo Day and this will be our last startup stories in first cycle of Avatech, if you missed the other stories and interested to read the story of our startups, you can find them all here. Our last story is about the startup which decided to make the education system...Read More


Startup Stories, “Empowering artists to follow their passion”


Inspired to follow his passion in Iranian handicraft market, Amir Fatahzadeh, the founder of just quit his job in the web design company which he created years ago to build a startup which he was dreaming. He believes that if you have these three things you are in the right path in your startup...Read More


Startup Stories, AkhbarRasmi: “Your Online Public Relations Office”


What will bring a Public Relation expert, a successful businessman and a professional software developer together? We sat beside Majid Kasiri, Co-founder of Akhbar Rasmi, an outstanding reporter and public relation expert, but this time instead of him, interviewing different people, we interviewed him. Please join us for another Avatech startup story, this time with...Read More


Startup Stories, Lendem, “Just Lend Them & Spread Joy”


In a very busy day with lots of tasks to do and sticky notes to follow, we interviewed the Lendem team to learn about the story and passion behind their business. Lendem is a mobile based platform that helps people share their belongings with each others, rent, exchange or lend it. It’s a solution that helps...Read More


Startup Stories, Taskulu, “Next-Gen Role Based Project Management Platform”


Startup Stories. This time we are happy to introduce you to Taskulu. If  you haven’t checked our past stories, you can find the stories of KSNA & 2nate here. Taskulu is one of our startups which is targeting the global market. We interviewed Farhad Hedayati, one of the cofounders of Taskulu.Read More


Startup Stories, Webyad: “Learning Network”


A green screen, an ongoing desktop for editing videos, a table to negotiate with instructors and trainers and a passionate team who wants to change the education ecosystem are the 4 elements of the statup which we want to tell their story. Webyad is a learning network in which everybody can learn and teach. They provide...Read More


Startup Stories, Navaar: “Audio Books for Everyone”


When Arash Sahabat & Hamid Asadi, first started to dedicate some of their break times to talk and listen to audio books, they got the same questions over and over: “Why the audio book market of Iran is so small and why there are not so many good Farsi audio books to listen?”, Asking these...Read More


Startup Stories, Cafe Tunes: “Enjoy the music around you”


From creating a MVP by putting different C# codes from to a mobile app to enable you to remotely control the music that plays through public places. This is a story of the Cafe Tunes startup; they will revolutionize the way we listen to music. A web and mobile app that let the people...Read More


Startup Stories, KSNA, “Easier learning”


  In Avatech, we decided to interview our startups to let you know the story behind them and get familiar with the way they are working. Be with us, in the series of startup stories. This week, we sat down with the team from KSNA ( and talked about their challenges, their focus areas and their features....Read More


Startup Stories, Reyhoon: “Good Food is Good Mood”


2 years has been passed from the last time he came to Iran for the first time, Soheil Alavi never thought that the startup ecosystem of Iran has been changed this much just in 2 years and never imagined that a short trip to Iran would have change his life. After SFX acquired Tunezy, his...Read More