Thank you to our international guests & friends!


During the last few weeks we were happy to welcome some great people travelling to Iran to support us in various fields. They were kindly sharing some of their thoughts on Iranian startups and the startup ecosystem in general.

Meet Ümit and Cathrin who were travelling to Tehran to support us and our teams with training sessions on topics like Team Management, Time Management and Conflict Management. They were also holding sessions for our local mentors.

“The energy and curiosity that I felt among the entrepreneurs impressed me a lot. I enjoyed this atmosphere during every moment of my stay in Tehran.”- Ümit Konuray

“It was my first time visiting Iran and surely will not be the last one as I truly loved the spirit at Avatech – an essential and promising environment for all the people involved! Keep on driving change by creating needed things!”- Cathrin Lesslhumer

We were also happy to have Hannes Gassert from Switzerland around who was speaking about “Open Data” on the Iran Web Festival and supported our teams by offering mentorship sessions.


“The visit made me aware once again of how intricately technology and culture play together: Tehran is a unique place that must and will produce unique solutions” – Hannes Gassert


“Openness is a prerequisite for innovation, and therefore I’m really enthusiastic about how all of the startups I saw embraced open source technologies, about the great conversations on open data I had every day, and about how ideas from all over the world were discussed both at Avatech and the Iran Web Conference.”  – Hannes Gassert


Last but not least, Jacques van Niekerk came all the way from South Africa to do the technical Due Diligence with our teams. He had been here some years ago, working with other startups.


“The first time I visited Iran, I met some of the companies that are now major players in e-commerce and advertising. At the time these companies were being built without having access to the kind of guidance and best practices that Avatech offers to its portfolio companies. Avatech’s companies should be able to grow even more rapidly than these “pioneering” companies because they have access to the tools and mentors that can accelerate their growth. I am interested to compare the growth rate (and growth problems) of Avatech’s companies with that of these earlier pioneers.

Secondly  – many companies are using models of business that have been established outside Iran. They should at the same time take the opportunity to innovate based on these models, so that they are ready to compete on the world stage.

Lastly – I was very impressed with the level of technical skill and involvement with the most current technology that I saw within AvaTech. There is certainly no more reliance on outdated frameworks and approaches – everyone is using the best of breed tools and processes to built their platforms.”

– Jacques van Nieerk


At the end we’d like to thank all of them for supporting Avatech over the past year. We have learned so much and we truly appreciate the important part they played in this incredible experience.