The way Avatech helped me and our startup


Editor Note: This is a guest blog post by Ehsan Davoudi who is the co-founder of Gheymatyab. Ehsan shares his insight from his journey during the first 3 weeks at Avatech. 


When I joined Avatech, I never thought how cool and productive could be the atmosphere, people, activities and workshops. I enjoyed talking to other teams and mentors, learnt from them and got better insights about startup cultures, so I decided to share my experience with others. Here is first part of few things which is valuable to me and might be for others:


Focus, Focus and Focus: You cannot work on other things when you have high priority work which is your startup. By focusing on your startup, your productivity will increase, works get done faster and more precise and you can grow faster to have sustainable startup.


Networking: At avatech you are surrounded with talents and geek and they have their opinion about your product. Some of them can be your early adaptors so you can talk to them, ask them for feedback and they will challenge you and your startup. It helps to make your product better in different ways. Apart from business talks (your startup), you can make new friends, practice to be more social and get familiar with other people from various cultures.


Mentorships: mentors are experienced, high skilled and passionate about your startup. They feel responsible for you and your product. they come from different background therefore they look at your product from different perspective. This helps you build mature product and to get wider insight into your future.

Be Everything:
 do not think idealistic about your startup because we do not live in idealistic world. If you are a developer, you would be content writer, SEO expert, UX expert even if you have no idea about them and you should try to solve your problems by your own at early stages. You have no budget for them and you cannot wait until you raise money. Therefore you should not be frustrated or ashamed but you should receive the best advice from the people around you.


Make Your Story Interesting: you love your product because you made it and you know that it solves problem, but other people do not care about your product. This is your job to make other people, especially investors to take your product serious and listen to you. The only way is to tell them your interesting story instead of telling them about your outstanding technical achievement which is boring for them. Try to make an interesting and understandable story for your investor.


This is not end of story; there are other things which come later so it is to be continued. 


Ehsan Davoudi – Avatech Cycle #1 – October 2014