This Week in Avatech #12: 3 months in Acceleration


3 months from first cycle of Avatech has been passed, the clock is ticking for the 11 startup teams of Avatech, we are near to the Demo Day, the day which first cycle will finish but it will be a new journey for our startups. In Avatech, we just finished the interviews of the second cycle, the top 40 teams of next cycle will be announced on this week. Also if you don’t want to miss the news about our startups and important startup events, just sign up for our newsletter and stay up-to-date!

But what happened in week 12 of Acceleration?


  • Hamfekr anniversary celebration

On Wednesday night, 25th Feb, after holding 52 non stop networking events, Avatech celebrated the anniversary of Hamfekr. More than 120 people came for this celebration.

We were hosting Java User Group February meeting in the amphitheater of Avatech. More than 100 java programmers came to attend this event.

  • Copy Writing workshop, second session by Sadjad Behjati


Team Updates:

KSNA: You can now follow them on instagram too, they are working hard to build their users a new control panel, so if you already registered on their website, stay tuned to see their new features.


Taskulu: After their blog reached to more than 29,000 visitors on one day duo to being the first link of hacker-news website, they are developing some new features which we will update you about it next week.


Cafe Tunes: The number of cafes which they tested their application reached to 8, next steps will be running their application permanently in 3 cafes.


Navaar: After being on the main page of 1pezeshk, they just created their twitter account which you can follow them here.


Reyhoon: After their first launch on region six of Tehran, they are moving a head with their go to market strategies, follow their LinkedIn account because they are looking for a Digital Marketing Manager.


Miztahrir: In case you are interested to watch the workshops which held in Iran Web Festival, follow up their LMS to check them out.


Webyad: Their rank on Alexa improved alot, they are now at rank 5100 in comparison to other Iranian web sites. They are also recording 3 new courses per week now.


Akhbar Rasmi: After their first successful workshop about “Body Language”, which you can find the report here, they are going to have their second workshop about “Fundamental of Public Relations” for their customers.


2nate: They are adding crowd funding projects to their platform, beside donation, if you are interested to get your idea funded, stay tuned.


Lendem: They reached to 500 users, they also began their blog, so you will find more information about them on their blog, check it out.


Honari: They are adding more art categories to their platform, beside leather, they added decorative paintings too.


Upcoming events:


Avatech new blog posts to check:

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