This Week in Avatech #14: Week 14 of Acceleration


The Iranian year is finally arriving to its end and this will be our last “This week in Avatech” until the next one in new year!

It has been our first year and things couldn’t have been better for us, we are near to our Demo Day (Only 25 days are left) and our teams are growing exponentially fast, it seems that Pareto principle of 20/80 is quiet functional regarding to closing to demo days 🙂

We’ll continue to share our regular things on the blog through the end of the year. And we’ll still be on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The week that passed was filled by lots of things which we will share with you only the highlights.


University of Tehran students tour

Last Week on Saturday, we organized a student university tour in Avatech, about 50 students visited Avatech to get to know us better and see what does it mean to build a startup in Avatech, but it wasn’t only a tour, Thanks to one of our mentors, Neda Golshan, we had a workshop about Customer Discovery too, to engage them with startup concepts better.


Startup Weekend Education

Last week, on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, We opened our doors to passionate people of startup weekend, this startup weekend was special & unique because it was one of the first educational startup weekends in Iran which was in an Accelerator. For your information, in 1 Weekend 5 parallel SW in Tehran’s mayor universities, 500+ participants! Congrats to all organizers, facilitators, mentors and participants. You did an amazing job!


Announcing Top 20 teams of second cycle of Avatech

After 6 weeks of evaluating more than 120 startups and seeing their pitches and interviewing them, we finally announced our top 20 teams which they will enter to second cycle of Avatech in spring. stay tuned to get to know them better in future.


At the end we’d like to thank all of our collaborators, readers, sponsors, and followers for supporting Avatech over the past year. We have learned so much and we truly appreciate the important part you played in this incredible experience. As we enter a new year, we’re filled with gratitude as well as excitement for what’s still to come.


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