This Week in Avatech #2: Enjoy the Journey of Entrepreneurship


This week we had the pleasure of spending few hours with Saeed Rahmani of Sarava, he talked about the journey of entrepreneurship with our teams. And told us that, entrepreneurship is a path, a lifestyle and ultimately a journey. The journey of joy and in this path you will face a series of serious, sometimes disastrous challenges along the way, but if you enjoy the path of creating and following your passion, you’ll find the skill, mindset and wit to overcome. Enjoying this path and creating new things, differentiate the path of an entrepreneur and employee.


Saeed Rahmani


Saeed’s talk was not the only thing that happened in Avatech this week, If you didn’t already know it, applications for cycle #2- Spring 2015 are now open and they close by January 30th. Applying early will get your application the attention it deserves.


We are going to have another open workshop in Avatech, the topic of the workshop is “Customer Development” and it is especially meant for people who have a startup idea and want to start validating this idea through gathering feedback from their users and customers. For more information about this workshop please see this page.


At the end, some of our followers asked us about the top teams announcement which entered to acceleration phase recently, we are going to officially announce them next week, so stay tuned and follow our news.