This Week in Avatech #3: Startup Culture + Hamfekr Networking event


Startup Culture

On Saturday, 20th December, something interesting happened in Avatech, you all know that startups recruit people quickly. But this time, Reyhoon (Online Food Delivery Platform), made this joining, a culture in their team. They celebrated the recruitment of their new team members. This is how Reyhoon wanted to make its startup culture and make company culture a first-order concern from the very beginning.

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 Teams Progress week #3

Although this week was filled with holidays, but our teams in Avatech got involved with their projects as usual. So what does it look like to be a startup in Avatech? We made a cool photo gallery to show their progress in week 3 of acceleration. Enjoy!

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 Hamfekr Networking Event

Yesterday, 24th December, Avatech was hosting another Hamfekr networking event in its cafeteria. It was a very cool networking event. Over 50 passionate people plus our teams in Avatech participated in this event. A cool thing about these events is that everywhere you will hear about making something new, The conversations are positive and leads to sharing an idea, joining to a team or starting a new one.

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 Cycle #2 & Open Workshop

If you didn’t already know it, applications for cycle #2- Spring 2015 are now open and they close by January 30th. Applying early will get your application the attention it deserves.


We are going to have another open workshop in Avatech, the topic of the workshop is “Customer Development” and it is especially meant for people who have a startup idea and want to start validating this idea through gathering feedback from their users and customers. For more information about this workshop please see this page. Only few seats remain so be quick and apply.