This Week in Avatech #4: Workshops!


This week, our teams were busy with lots of practical workshops. these professional workshops create an enormous opportunity for professional development, and in the other side it is great for building their teams, soft skills and effective communication. they learned to think out of the box and practiced several real business cases. Most of our workshops which held this week, delivered by our international mentors and trainers. they brought their best practices and knowledge to Avatech and openly shared it with us.

On Saturday, 27 December, Mohammad Seyed Alavi from Adhoc International, had a great workshop on agile software development. it was great because he asked our teams about the way they are developing their products and the agile methods which they are using or willing to use and he helped them to implement agile methods in their teams.


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On Sunday, 28 December, Shaghayegh Beheshti from Sarava, talked about the legal process of registering a private joint stock company. responsibilities of the board of director and any other things that will help our teams to go into the process of registering a company.










On Thursday, 30 December, Mana Taheri & NADJA BERSECK from Germany came to Iran to hold a design thinking workshop. the workshop is designed to introduce our teams to Design Thinking approach by working on a small project. they went through the full cycle of the design thinking process. The project itself gave our teams the opportunity to touch on the fundamental values of the human-centered design, a bias towards action, and a culture of iteration and rapid prototyping. The workshop then went deeper into the application of Design Thinking in different business domains as well as its core elements.


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On Wednesday (31 Dec) and Thursday (1 Jan), Sohrab Salimi from SE-Consulting, had workshops on Scrum and product owners. The scrum workshop combined a mixture of interactive exercises, practical real-life examples, and lively discussion. Throughout this workshop our teams had a chance to interact and share their experiences of how they can use Scrum in their startup, or how they plan to use Scrum going forward. The Product Owner workshop provided a comprehensive training in the theory and practices of building great products. The course format was divided equally between lecture, discussion, and exercises, with frequent opportunities to ask questions and learn.


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