This Week in Avatech #5: On the verge of a take off


For this week, we thought that you want to know more about our team’s progress and accomplishments, so we dig deeper into our teams. They were active from programming to marketing and social media management. For details you can read about each one of them.

So if you are asking about whether in Avatech we had workshops or not, the answer is yes, we had. We had 3 workshops on Legal, Finance-Accounting and Talent Management, all delivered by Sarava.


TM Finance legal






We had our open workshop about customer development which was delivered by Neda Golshan and Ghazal Shishavani of Sarava and about 35 people participated in it.


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Team Updates


They recently launched their first special campaign, and today I was talking with Mohi (Founder of 2nate) and he said that they managed to attract 2 million tomans (about 700 $) in one night for this campaign. For your information, compared to other countries, Iranians are not that much into online donation and crowd funding.



Akhbar Rasmi:

Akhbar Rasmi was very successful in attracting reporters and Media. The counter on their website is showing 1250 reporters and 680 Media Connections. Recently they had an email marketing campaign to attract more companies to their platform and until now 100 companies used their services. Today I was checking their website and found a useful blog post in Farsi:  71 ideas to create more news in your company.




They are working hard to publish their mobile application next week, so stay tuned by following their social media channels. Cafés will be one of their target audiences. I just can’t wait to go to the cafés that have this application.

They are mostly developing their backend but something interesting caught my eye. One of their mobile applications which is educational and in Farsi was downloaded 12.000 times in 10 days. This is a very good progress for them.

honari app



Taskulu is progressing very fast on the global market. For our Spanish speaking audiences, I have to say that Taskulu just managed to publish their Spanish version. You just need to sign up and change your language to Spanish in your profile and enjoy managing your project in Spanish.



You have already heard about them in one of our weekly updates: Their team got bigger and they were working very hard in the backend to publish their website. They just made their landing page to attract their early adopters. So if you are interested to order food online, go register on their website.



Sounds familiar? They just changed their name and logo from Lendthem to lendem. Sounds better? They also managed to recruit more people. They are 6 now and they are going to publish their mobile app next week, so if you are interested to lend some of your unused things go and like their Facebook page.



We already published their story here, so if you are interested to know more about KSNA go check it out. The other update is about their content producer control panel page. The content producers now have better insight over their contents and videos.



While I was checking their website, I realized that they participated in Iran web festival, so if you want to support them, you can go to their website and vote them by clicking on the blue triangle on the corner of their site.




They are working hard to provide more and more audio books for you on their website. They are also planning to publish their mobile app in Café bazar next week, so if you are interested to listen to their audio books in a heavy traffic, follow their website.



I was thinking about them today and wonder what am I going to write about them, and then suddenly I saw them establishing their cameras and lights to record their educational content and found it interesting to share some photos with you. The interesting thing is that I always asked myself about the quality of their videos and now I saw how much effort they put to just create one hour of video.


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