This Week in Avatech #6: Full Fledged Teams


About 45 days have been passed since Selection day, and we are in the middle of acceleration phase. During pre-acceleration, our teams biggest concerns were product & customer development, while right now, it is not only development but team member recruitment & interviewing, finance & legal, Investor pitching, marketing, customer acquisition and many other things. These are all deliverable by realizing the value of good team work.

What happened at Avatech this week?


Avatech Request for Startups


While there are only 15 days left to apply for the cycle #2 of Avatech, we decided to publish a list to motivate and guide you through this process. What this list will tell you? We are accepting both new innovative ideas and ideas that were established successfully in the world and can be implemented in Iran too. What to expect from this list? Do not start a company just because we published this list, if you have a good team and enough courage of implementing, this list will give you an idea that how technological startup looks like in other industries and sectors.

Read about Avatech request for startups here.


Working for startups & Avatech career page


As we are moving forward at Avatech, we are having more and more requests from our startups regarding to their needs in recruiting more team members. So we made a career page for our startups to publish their recent needs. If you are interested to work in a startup, now you have the chance. you can check this page here.

We know that right now in Iran, the culture of building a startup is new. So it is obvious that you might ask yourself why anyone would work for a startup. If you are interested to work in a startup but not sure about it, we recommend you to read the following blogs to decide:

The Sixth Startup Grind of Tehran at Avatech

On Monday, 12th January we were hosting Startup Grind at Avatech. The program started at 6 pm with networking and ended at 9 again with networking. The main part of the event was the interview with Mohsen Malayeri (Founder & Managing director of Avatech) conducted Milad Saberi. Mohsen talked about his experience and the story behind Avatech from the idea to execution and how it is working. You can read more about this event here in Farsi.


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