This Week in Avatech #8: Week 8 of Accleration



As the teams are moving forward, they are understanding the value of teamwork more and more. Therefore, to make their team work more effective, we had a team management workshop on Monday, 26 Jan, that was delivered by Ümit Konuray of DasTraining. The workshop covered topics like effective and good communication, feedback, different roles in teams, team culture.

Our Teams weren’t the only ones to have Team Management and Team Leadership workshops; we had another 2 workshops for our mentors that again were delivered by Ümit on 27th and 28th of Jan.



On Thursday 29th Jan, we were organizing an event named Angel Lab. The target audience of this event were our Angel Investors. The event took place at Saravapars campus. We are going to write a report about this event soon.


Upcoming conference

Avatech is one of the sponsors of iBridge conference which will be held at Berlin from 4 – 6 of June 2015. You can find more information about the conference here.



Team Updates

Navaar: They successfully launched their android application on Cafe Bazar; you can download their application and enjoy listing to Farsi audio books.



Café They had their first official launch in Café Genre



2nate: They successfully funded Ashghloo Campaign and raised about 14 million toman. Read about it here.




Akhbar Rasmi: Just by going to their blog, you can find lots of useful content about public relations, News writing and storytelling. Check it here.

Akhbara rasmi

Taskulu: Financial Tribune just wrote an informative article about them that gives you an overview on what they are doing. They also released their new chat system.



Webyad: Moving fast by producing more and more videos.You can find lots of good content about management and self-development on their blog.


Lendem: If you didn’t download their new application, you can download it here.  We also published their startup story. Read it here.


Honari: They are going to have a marketing and advertisement campaign in Bazaar and local stores.


Reyhoon: They just launched their demo here at Avatech and are moving forward to open for the public soon.