This Week in Avatech #11: The need for speed


Being in Avatech is not only about seed fund, investment, workshops or mentorships, it is also about keeping up with the speed of the Avatech. You are in an environment which everyone come up with more fulfillment and the need for having more speed becomes an habit . just on last week, our teams were in the marathon of customer acquisition, some of them on Iran web conference or on 5shanbe bazar of Cafe bazaar, the other ones having their first public event or like Taskulu, rocking the Avatech with 1000 live visitors on their website.


What Happened at Avatech in week 11 in detailed?


Akhbar Rasmi Event

On Wednesday, 18 Feb, Akhbar Rasmi had their first public workshop for reporters. The topic of the workshop was “Body Language” and was delivered by Pouya Vadaye, PR & Communication expert. About more than 30 reporters participated at this event which held at Avatech Amphitheater.


Reyhoon Official Launch

It is time for ordering the food online! Reyhoon’s web site is officially up and running, especially if you are living in region 6 of Tehran, you can order your food smarter.


Taskulu and 1000 unique online visitors

On Wednesday night, 18 Feb, we experienced a new kind of celebration at Avatech, 1000 unique live visitors on Taskulu website! We gathered at Avatech cafeteria and keep watching the TV screen and follow up the numbers to hit 1000.


Iran Web Conference

Last week, most of the Avatech family participated in Iran web conference, beside the participation of Mohsen Malayeri, Managing Director of Avatech in different panel discussions of the conference, Navaar, one of our startups had a booth there to promote their product.


Shahab Kaviani visited Avatech

Last week, we had the opportunity of having Shahab Kaviani, the Founder of Cofounders Lab Company at Avatech. It is worthy to mention that Shahab is one of our great mentors and also part of the advisory board of Avatech.


Anetwork and Adad gave 1 million & 500 thousands toman perks

Anetwork and Adad companies separately gave each startup team of Avatech, 1 million toman and 500 thousand toman perks for advertisement on their platforms. Thank you Anetwork & Adad for these offers we are appreciating these perks and opportunities.


Upcoming Events

Workshops which delivered in last week

  • “Stress and Conflict Management” by Jonas lilienthal
  • “Failure Empowering – How does one convince people it is ok to fail”, to Avatech mentors by Dan Toma of Deutsche Telekom
  • “Human Centered Design”, Amid Moradganjeh, Amid had an outstanding experiences in Google & IDEAO.

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