#vitatechfars: How to apply!


We are very happy to cooperate with Paresh in Shiraz to run #vitatechfars, a six week Pre-Accelerator Program starting 22nd Tir. If you want to learn more about the program, please check our blogpost. We also introduced some of the mentors here.


Today we want to give you some more information on the application process and how to fill out the application form. 


In order to apply please check the f6s page where we are hosting the applications. To start your application, please click the “apply now” button. On the next page you are asked to create a team. You can use your linkedIn login to create a profile. Then, please make sure to add all your teams members as well by adding their f6s account name or their email address. They will receive an email that informs them to register. Once you invited all your Cofounders you are ready to fill out the application. The application form is divided in three sections. The basic profile, personal information and the questions.


Basic Profile:
This is the part that others can see on f6s. For us it is important that you fill out at least the following fields:

  • Short description of your startup: Write one sentence what your startup is doing.
  • When did you start this company: Just share the date you have started working on this.
  • What do you do in details: Share a 2-3 sentence description of your product/service and which problem you are solving.
  • What’s different/interesting about your startup: Share 1-2 sentences how you are different from your competitors or other companies in the market.
  • How do customers use or interact with your product?: Just let us know which platforms you are using. If your product is not online yet just let us know what your plans are.
  • Where are you based?: Which city are you living?
  • Markets: Please add one or two markets you are targeting.
  • Links: Share your website, social media accounts or similar.
  • How much money raised since start?: Just share with us if you had any investors already. Otherwise type “0”

The other questions in this section are not critical for your application to #vitatechfars.


Personal Information:
Each Cofounder has to add this information separately through his/her own account. If you used linkedIn to register, some of the fields will be filled out already. Please make sure that every Cofounder is filling out this part from his personal f6s account.  There is no need to add investors, advisors and employees for this application.



This part is the most important part of the application. Please carefully answer all questions and give us as many information as possible. We will make the first selection based on those answers.

  • What stage in your startup?: Please share which stage your startup is in. This is not a selection criteria it is just for our information.
  • Number of Founders: How many Cofounders are there in the team?
  • Number of other Team Members: Please let us know if you have people in your team that are not Cofounders (employees, interns,…)
  • How Founders met: Let us know when and where you met. Do you have any work experience together?

The following questions need to be answered by each Cofounder individually through his/her own profile:

  • Role Model: Who is your personal rolemodel, who do you admire and for what? It can be an entrepreneur but also a relative or friend who is not related to the startup world
  • Motivation: Why did you decide to join this team? What is your personal motivation for starting a startup?
  • Profile: Please briefly share your previous experience with us. Where did you study, where did you work? What are your hobbies?
  • email: Just share an email address with us where we can reach you.

The next few questions are about your business. Please answer them all with two to three sentences and share as many details as possible.

  • Key value: Please explain the key benefit of your product or service in one sentence
  • Inspiration: Share with us why you picked this idea, why are you working on this? What is your motivation?
  • Target Customers: Who are your ideal customers? Please describe the perfect customer for us.
  • Features: Share the three most important features with us. What are they and why are they important.
  • Revenue: Briefly let us know how you want to make money.
  • Competitors: We want to know who your competitors are. Don’t only think about companies that are doing exactly the same like you but how are people solving this issue right now. What makes you better? For example Digikalas competitors are not only other Ecommerce platforms but also normal stores where you can go and buy products.
  • Go to Market Strategy: Please share in some sentences how you want to reach your users/customers. Please be as detailed as possible.
  • Traction: This is only important if you already have a product. Please share your latest growth rate und user numbers with us.

Last but not least some questions on how you found us:

  • Reason to apply: Please let us know what you want to learn during the program so we can adapt
  • How did you find us: Please let us know where you heard about #vitatechfars first
  • Other events: What is your experience? Did you attend other startup related events before and if yes, which ones.

When you answered all the questions you can click the “final submit” button. After this you cannot change your application anymore. 


If you have any questions on the application process please contact us via info@avatech.ir. We are looking forward to receive your applications.