#vitatechfars: The program


It is still some weeks till we will start the first edition of #vitatech in Shiraz. We are happy that we found a great local partner, Paresh who is cooperating with us to make #vitatechfars happen. If you want to apply, you can apply through the form on f6s.


We already introduced you to some of the mentors. Today we want to give you some more informations on the topics that will be covered during the six week program.

The overall goal of #vitatech is to help you to validate your business so by the end of the program you exactly understand who your customers are, how big your market is, how you can reach those customers through Marketing and how you can pitch your product to potential investors or customers.



The first session will mainly focus on the concept of the Lean Canvas to help you to better understand your business and get an overview of all the details and different aspects that are included in your business.


In the second session we will focus on Customer Interviews as a tool to better understand the needs and problems of your potential customers.


The third session is focussing on helping you to define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In addition we will have a session on “How to pitch“.


Reyhoon team

In the fourth session we will use the learnings from the first three sessions to define your best Marketing

channels. Using your insights on potential customers and your MVP we help you defining the most promising channels and testing methods for each of them.


Session five will give you the time to present your progress, learnings and gather feedback from different mentors.



Teams workshop

A great product does not only need great code but also a good design. This is what we will focus on in session six. You will get an introduction to the topics UX and UI, especially focussed on the needs of startups in an earlier phase.


No program without a final presentation. This is what session seven is for. We will invite mentors, local investors and partners to a final session where you are pitching your startup.


Besides all the sessions we will provide you with a lot of additional information, reading materials, templates and everything you need to move your startup forward.


We are looking forward to receive your applications through the application for on f6s.