Welcoming Avacamp #2 at Avatech


We are happy to welcome 16 new teams to the second cycle of Avacamp. Two weeks in they just finished their onboarding, participated in several workshops and got to know each other.

One of the first workshops all teams attended was an introduction to the topic of “Lean Startup”. The workshop was hosted by Nasser Ghanemzadeh from Finnova. In his workshop he covered topics like the methodology of “Build – Measure – Learn” the foundation of the Lean Startup Methodology.

A second workshop, conducted by Farid and Kiyan from Noava focussed on Customer Research.  Mehrshad Musakhani, Co- Founder of Botick and Avatech Alumni hosted the third workshop, focussed on the topic “Minimum Viable Product (MVP)”.

The workshops were followed by a goalsetting session where each team defined their goals for the program.

Besides all the workshops teams watched the documentary “The startup kids”.

Avacamp is a two month program for startups running four times each year. The program provides the participating teams with workspace, mentoring and trainings.

For more information, upcoming programs and the selection criteria, please check this page.